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  1. Really did enjoy this, especially the Steve POV (he owes us for this mess) vs the true POV (that Tony doesn't owe any of them Jack) Will be curious to see if you expand this at some point. :D

    I could tell you used an editing program for this--there wasn't anything huge, but there were some words that were misplaced, and a few incorrect ones scattered in there. And most of that I caught the second time I read through it.

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    1. Yay! I'm happy to hear that! ^^ I have been receiving requests to continue and I have some idea. I am just waiting until I get to that point. I have a couple other fictions I want to get done before doubling back over others. I usually stick to the idea that unless I say otherwise, everything is open to continuation.

      Well, that is good to know. Try as I might grammar is my weak point mainly but a program can only do so much. I am going to start working with a beta-reader here soon, so mistakes like that should be even less. I hope anyway ^^ wish us luck!

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