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  1. First off, I love the way Fuyuna thinks about Akari's eyes and hair. They are so striking, aren't they? Like gems and fire—I'm so weak for descriptions like that(!) and I love that's one of the first thing she truly notices while she slowly falls head over heels, you know?

    I also like the way Fuyuna thinks about the sun after Akari does the fortune in class: these days the sun felt too strong, too bright. That shows her darkening thoughts, romantic and jealousy abound, before Cerebrum comes.

    I like how earnest Akari is in wanting to help Fuyuna, but Fuyuna is wrapped up in the idea that they just can't be together no matter how much Akari's attention is on her lately. How angry the kiss makes her but absolutely pained because she wishes she could have initiated it first herself. Of course it shakes up her fears and confusion. Akari is beating her to the punch on something like that once again.

    Ahh! Wanting to kill Akari in her nightmares but still hold her heart... that's so sad. And the line that makes her give into Cerebrum: She could make Akari all hers, take that bravery and warmth for herself, and Akari would never look at anybody but her ever again. I love Fuyuna's denial to accept the things about Akari she admires. And yet, she's so possessive and willing to sacrifice for that end. She doesn't understand it, but she wants Akari for herself, and I like how rightfully twisted that is for her.

    The ending is indeed heartbreaking. Akari finds out the complexity of Fuyuna's feelings too late and what she might have done wrong. At least she realizes Fuyuna's true feelings.

    Thank you for writing these two for me.

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    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Fuyuna and Akari have such a complicated relationship, and I figured adding a romantic aspect would really bring out the angst factor, and of course, the threat of Daemonia possession brings in an obsessive, twisted element that was just so much fun to explore.

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