Comment on not the same place we've been before

  1. This is so wonderful! I love, love, love how you've carried this through the years. They start out so YOUNG, omg, and then the shifts and changes over the years until at the end they're wearier and sadder but also much more settled in themselves and the world; older in multiple ways, as they should be. And still and always recognizably themselves. I love the way they both can imagine exactly what would happen, in so much detail, and still they choose not to for all kinds of reasons until, at last, Riza doesn't (and of course it's Riza who chooses in the end to have them both step forward). And all of that dry, understated affection, with the love and trust and loyalty a bedrock underneath; it's perfect. And that ending paragraph! Especially the ending sentence!! My HEART. Ahhh, you guys, this is so great. <3 <3 <3

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