Comment on Unwanted Advice

  1. I have to say that the idea of this fic is absolutely indisputably brilliant. That Fëanor would somehow not depart to Mandos is great, but that he would sort of harass his living relatives, now that´s amazing.
    Sassy know it all who needs to meddle in other people´s business is the best Fëanor, I cannot imagine him any different way. His innate love for family, knowledge and inventing shines again! Plus his theories about what he is as a spirit, his interest in the Ring…!
    And what you did with Maglor, Galadriel, Gandalf, Erestor was great as well.
    It got a bit depressing at times, but that only made it better, more believable (LOL!).
    And Fëanor in Valinor, where others can see him… what a perfect ending. I hope Elrond will have some peace finally, in Aman. Probably not.

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    1. Thanks! Elrond will probably have peace in Aman... for about five minutes, or until Fëanor causes trouble of some sort xD

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