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    The way you write these two never fails to fill me with glee. Adam's fussiness is so damn endearing and Nigel... oh Nigel. I know we only caught a glimpse of him here but I nearly fell off my chair at him entirely failing to charm the pants off of his newly-acquired husband xD. He's such a fucking mess, I wanna smack him and hug him simultaneously (maybe after a shower for the hug...).

    And the set-up! These two were absolutely made for 90s-style romcoms, all hate at first sight and shenanigans and slow-burning romance. Plus Mads and Hugh are definitely a trade-up on Gerard and Andie xD. And Darko as the best friend/voice of reason, I love it, I hope he continues to pop up as the story continues (you know I cannot get enough of Mr Dalca).

    Anytime you launch a new fic is cause for celebration, but your Spacedogs is particularly sublime. I shall be beside myself with glee every time this updates <3

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    1. Yeah, Nigel's last name might, maybe, be Romanian for troubled/ know, because I like to be subtle and all that jazz.
      And yeah, I totally think Spacedogs is a lost 90s rom com, it has to be, right? They work so well with all the scenarios!
      Thank you so much for always being the most generous commenters/readers, I always look forward to what you'll say!

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