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  1. Hey ! First of all thanks for your message. You're right, I didn't explain it properly. So here goes :
    Lexa's betrayal felt personal. Like Clarke was rejected, unwanted. Before the fight there was something between them and being dropped like it meant nothing.... Well, it wasn't pleasant.
    She's angry and hurt and knows that Lexa's motto 'Love is weakness' won't leave room for the soft declaration of love and reassurance that she craves. By defying her she's not rewarding her, she's breaking her resolve. The Commander cannot allow her to say the things she says without reacting one way or another. Yes she bows smiling because she got what she wanted : Lexa claimed her and made it all about her, the Commander not even being touched. At this point Clarke knows that there's indeed more between them. And once Lexa is too vulnerable to even think about denying it, then she makes love to her.
    Hope it makes it clearer. :)

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