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  1. This totally made my day. And, frankly, YOUR writing style is delicious! I'm an ass and haven't commented on A Christmas Carol or gotten to the sequel yet, but I immediately recognized your name! Thank you so much!

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    1. You are making me feel famous ^.^

      Seriously, though, I just had to stop by. Non-con fics are not entirely my thing, a little too extreme to my taste since I fail to imagine any kind of a healthy relationship forming between the assaulter and his victim (unless they both have psychological issues), but here no one is talking about a healthy relationship...

      The way you portray the characters and describe the change in their relationship through both the dialogues and the descriptions of an intercourse, is amazing. I've read through the remaining six chapters just now, and I love how credibly dark your Loki is. You managed to give him the touch of insanity, but despite him being manic and cruel, I still can perceive him as a person who has longings and emotions. And the vocabulary, for the love of God! In the seven chapters packed with smut and dirty talk, there hasn't been a single description that would resemble of the previous ones.
      You are amazing.

      Last Edited Wed 09 Aug 2017 04:10AM EDT

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      1. I am so thoroughly humbled. Thank you! ❤️

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