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  1. Ayeeee thank you Darthritis (lovely name & pic btw) Yeah I just randomly decided one day to take a look at my old work and I was like wow, this could be better :O

    I didn't flesh out Citra's character as clearly as I wanted to in my past work, or give enough love and attention to side characters that I thought were very important to Citra and how they affected her. Also, I wanted more Vaas in my story haha :P Another thing was that I wrote it to be that Citra was the main reason for Vaas joining Hoyt, but now I'm not so sure because I strongly believe people are held accountable for their own actions and choices. Citra is definitely one of the reasons for Vaas leaving but she's not all of it. Vaas can leave and be done with it but instead he goes on to kill, torture and sell human beings either out of fear of hoyt, he enjoys it, his greed for power and money (mostly power) or maybe all of it.

    Yeah that was long but ANYWAYS thank you for being an old time reader and I do hope you enjoy the newer version of this story when it is completed ^-^

    Unfortunately I don't know when it will be done but I'm chugging out chapters like a mofo

    (I like the animal dividers too. They're Maori inspired)

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