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  1. Well, one has to do what one has to do and when he's having a bad-day and I can't use my arms or hands to carry him then what else can I do? More than one person has called him my baby due to the way he'll run to the door as soon as I come home, and reaches up demanding to be held. I'm pretty amazed by how the level of trust he has when it comes to me, he'll take his medicine like a good boy as long as I just kiss his forehead.

    She is adorable, tiny and adorable, so yeah I may curse her a little with each delete but I still can't be mad at her, and yes she gives me that look. So, so true, I can be firm and strong against humans but animals.. gods I just get all soft and nice and sweet and it's positively sickening.

    You are very welcome, and I am very proud of you because you did your best, and your best was answering all the questions (which makes you awesome in my eyes at least).

    I'm glad to hear it went fine, and honestly if you had told me you were all comfy with stitches in your mouth I'd be worried, still I hope the discomfort ends quickly. I'm always ready to read a comment and respond to them if I can.

    No worries, I'm here to distract you if need be. I do hope your wounds will mend quickly, and that your discomfort departs even quicker.

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    1. They really do sound adorable, if I had cats or any pets for that matter I think I would want them to be like yours.

      The discomfort is going away, slowly. Unfortunately I've run out of my medicine, I don't have to buy anymore (the doctors said), so all I can have now, if the pain gets too much, is paracetamol (sorry if it's spelt wrong).

      Honestly, I kind of feel bad about not being able to go with my friends to Alton Towers. Me and 3 others were going to go but with my stitches and the way I'm getting dizzy it's just not safe. I really feel like I've abandoned them; I think they understand considering I'm the one who loves rollercoaster the most but it's still a shame I couldn't go.

      This is completely different but I was looking through the comments as I was getting to this one and I can't believe this all started with me saying 'you've prob forgot about this story but would be good if you could add another chapter to it like what happens next...' and then you not really knowing fashion. For the first time I think I might have bonded with someone over fashion (or lack of knowledge of it).

      I think you may actually be one of the only people I don't mind commenting too, seriously it's probably a problem I have. Even if my best friend texts me, I'm like 'oh god what do I say!!!?????' But with you I kind of feel like I can say anything and you won't judge. And for that I respect you, thanks for not judging me to quickly (otherwise I'm pretty sure you would have left by now) xx

      Also, before I completely forget to aks, do you think I could have a clue as to what the dress is like. It's cool if you don't want to say until the chapters ready or even if you don't know. Just wondering, sorry I'm kind of naturally curious xx

      I think you've managed to do what no one else on this earth can do. You may have made me runout of things to say... that is incredible. Not even my parents can do that and they can sit for hours listening to me, I get distracted a lot, I'm pretty sure it gets annoying.

      Again this is a little different but, I'm trying to write my own story. However, I'm not to great at writing and I get distracted quite easily, I know you have a really busy schedule but do you ever find it hard to just sit down and write some days. If you do could you please help me to try and find a way so I can stay focused. I mean I love writing and getting my ideas on to a page, but I really struggle to stick too one path or even writing for long periods of time.

      As you can probably tell by now, I don't really have a lot of confidence in myself, so to be able to publish it on here under a user name is great, but first I need to finish a chapter :) so do you have any tips on staying focused while writing for a long time?? xxx additionally, what gave you the confidence to first publish, I'm glad you did, but do you think it's worth me trying??

      I know that's a difficult question but I'm just really nervous about getting rejected or hate because I get people like different things but I'm still nervous for when I finally go for it. I think I'm more worried about disappointing people even if I don't know who they are.

      Wow sorry this comment really did go on a may need to use a whole weekend to read it xxx and people say I don't babble to much *so many laughing emojis* :) <3 xxx

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      1. They are sort of adorable, Bob however hates every human he comes across (except for me for some strange reason), he's more dangerous than my dog.

        Well, I'm glad to hear that the discomfort is going away, be it slowly. Oh no, that's not nice, not at all (and don't worry about spelling with me, I'm horrible at it). Oh paracetamol you heartless pill, will you please work.

        Safety first! But I get it, it's not fun not being able to go, but you need to take care of yourself and it's good that your friends understand it, but hopefully once you are feeling better you'll have a chance to go.

        Oh well bonding over the lack of fashion knowledge is a first for me too :D

        Why thank you, I know it's not easy leaving comments or responding to my attempts at reply. Holy fudge! Are you sure you aren't me!? Because seriously, if anyone even my best friend texts me, I'm like, `Oh my God, what do I say!? ยด Oh well, I do try an not judge people (unless of course they treat animals badly then I will judge you to the end of bloody time), well I'm glad to hear that I don't seem judgemental because I do try not to be. I have earned your respect? Why thank you. Yeah, trust me I think you are awesome so no worries on me leaving you hanging.

        "Stiles stared at the dress Peter had revealed, the red was a shade of red that was simply put amazing, it was vibrant and bright like the eyes of an Alpha.The fit and flare shape was playful and would allow her to run without a problem if need be, but most of all the shape of the off-shoulder dress reminded her of her mother's favourite dress."

        Well, I am the Goddess of babbling it seems, I can babble on and on about various things and it is a problem, and just so you know you aren't annoying anyone with half-a-heart or a brain.

        Ah, a familiar problem indeed. Well, if I find it hard to start I tend to take a long walk first, then brew a large pot of my "writing tea" before settling down with the sound of the ocean or woods playing in my ears or any music that fits the mood, sometimes I light a couple of candles as they help me to focus. And if I get stuck I tend to walk around doing stuff and go through the stuck part in my head, playing it out like a play (yes, I'll voice the parts too).

        I have hardly any confidence myself, so I admire you greatly for giving this a go while I was more like pushed into this by my friends, you are very brave - like seriously you are very brave. I think, you should give it a try, because you never know someone might love your story (I never imagined anyone would like my tales and here you are). And yes I get the worry of disappointing people, I have that problem too, and some people can be vicious too, but sometimes you just need that one person who really loves your story and they will be a great support even if they don't know it.

        Just take your time, and if it feels like you can't write something at that moment, take a break and breathe for a moment because sometimes that is all it takes, a tiny break to inspire you.

        Don't worry about it, I like it. Nope not a weekend, not even nope ten minutes because I enjoyed your comment very much. All is well and good.

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        1. Wow hating all humans. I can relate :) jk
          My grandparents have this puppy and she hates men, really she'll stand in front of me if my dad comes near me, it's actually quite funny. Granted at first it was annoying and I didn't really like her being around because I was used to not having any pets like a dog around, but I've grown to like her. When she's calm that is, serious she's one crazy puppy.

          I should be able to go once I have my braces put on, which is in about 8 weeks, I think...

          I love reading your comments and responding to them!! I think they're awesome, they always make me laugh or bring a smile to my face. My parents think I'm mad, because I'll be sat reading something and suddenly I'll burst out laughing and trying to explain to them about a cute cat that gets up too no good. Yep, they must think I'm crazy, but the comments are worth it. Xxx

          I can totally agree with trying not to judge people but if they do treat animals badly, they better watch out. Not only will they have me to deal with they'll have you. I would not want to be that person. :D jk

          Oh my god, I literally squealed when I started reading the extract. I've never made a noise like that before, I think I got far too excited. It's AMAZING, I love how you've got the alpha red, and you even thought about the style, I think it would suit Stiles body perfectly, and what would be best to keep her safe. BUT NOT ONLY THAT, you also put the bit about her mothers dress. You say you have no fashion sense but I would happily wear a dress like that, it sounds beautiful and I can't wait to read the rest.

          Also, thankyou for the preview, I really do think it's great and I can only imagine what the rest of the chapter must be like. Ahhahahhahaahabjhabihahvklascilvgda, that is how I feel when I read your story. (It's a good feeling by the way).

          I'm glad you don't find me annoying, otherwise this might get slightly... annoying for you

          Walking around the house and voicing the characters sounds way more fun than what I do. For some reason my brain likes to wonder and I end up staring at a wall for ages. It's weird, really weird. I don't even know I'm doing it, my mum always laughs at me because I'll just stop writing and stare at a wall them randomly start again like nothing happened. I have daydreaming issues, which is ironic considering I don't sleep to good.

          Thankyou for all your advice and for the vote of confidence. I'll take it on board and keep in mind everything you've said. I really appreciate the help and trust me to hear that someone has even the littlest bit of confidence in me or in my story. It helps. A lot. Xxxx

          P.s How could someone not like this story?? The question no one can answer, because pretty much everyone does xxxx

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          1. Yeah, I think it's because of the rough start he had in life, and maybe he just knows I'd walk through fire for him.

            Oh yes, I'm not big on humans either.

            Dogs are funny like that, many of them see a man, stranger or not, as a possible threat to women and children. When I was little, just a babe, we had this one dog that would start growling anytime my dad moved in to give my mom a hug or a kiss, and the same when he made a move towards us kids, but as long as dad wasn't the dog was fine with him. The instinct to protect can be surprisingly strong in dogs. Some dogs you just need time with to like them, I had that with my cousins dog, and now we're besties (like he loses it when he sees me coming over for a visit, doesn't matter if I was there the day before), and frankly some dogs are crazy but if you're able to still love them regardless of their flaws I'd say then your are a great person.

            Well that's good, just hang on in there. 8 weeks isn't such a long time, it will fly by like a dragonfly.

            Well that's good, I was getting worried you were finding my comments boring. Well, I've had a few people who think I should try and write about Bob, since he's a bit of an oddball, like he used to switch-off my alarm-clock (which caused me to be crazy late for school) but then I caught him and started to use the one on my phone which made him hate my phones.

            Oh neither would I. When I get angry it's never a good thing for the people I'm angry with.

            Did you now? Well if that got a squeal from you, then that's good. I'm glad you liked it, I just couldn't get the alpha red out of my head, and the style of the dress just stuck with me for some reason, I did play around with a more form-fitting but I just imagined Peter thinking and I sort of just couldn't get the idea of Stiles' mom having a dress with the same style, I just couldn't imagine Peter picking a dress that would make it difficult for Stiles to run if something bad happened at the Prom (like a fire). Well I'm pretty sure a lot of other people will have an issue with the dress not being all that form-hugging, or long, but at least you like it.

            I'm glad you liked the tiny preview since I couldn't really explain the dress in any other way. I'm glad the read made you feel good things and not something like despair.

            Not on smidge of annoying. Rather entertaining really.

            Well, it helps me to think when I do that. Oh I get those moments too, they are strange little moments that some of my friends find creepy, especially when I get this blank expression on my face and just stare at a wall while my hand or hands continue to write or draw something. Yeah I tend to day dream a lot too, especially when I have to do something boring, and like you I don't sleep well either.

            No problem. And yes, I believe in you, just let the inspiration flow.

            Well, some just don't but at least you do.

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            1. I could never feel despair when reading your stories, only joy.

              Also fit and flare can be a tight fit. Gives her more support if you know what I mean... people won't have a problem with the dress because it really does compliment Stiles and her body. Also with it being short (thinking like Peter right now) you could see her amazing legs, additionally, it would look light, flowing and sway with her as she dances. (If that's the look your going for, please correct me if I'm wrong.)

              I never thought about her needing to run, like from fire, but I can't help but feel Peter has a total pack favourite. I'm surprised he hasn't hit on her loads already.

              Also if she's wearing makeup; I know I really can't help with that, all I know is smokey eyes and even then I'm not 100% sure what it is :D

              Good luck for the rest of the chapter and with balancing day dreaming with writing xxxx

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              1. Well that's good, at least for me and maybe you.

                That it can be, but at least it isn't too snug around the legs. Oh I d. Hopefully they don't have a problem with it, and that they can understand Peter's thinking (or rather hopefully I've been able to explain it well-enough). Yes, Peter would want to show Stiles' assets (if only to drive Derek up the wall, because of course Peter will love to torture Derek a little bit) one of which is Stiles' legs, and yes I was thinking about how the dress would move as she dances. I'm also thinking Peter would've chosen this dress because it's simple (except for the colour which draws attention) and so Stiles wouldn't feel uncomfortable and out of place, it's also somewhat familiar due to the shape of the dress reminds her of times before her mother became ill (and yes, Peter had done his homework as the creepy uncle he is).

                Well, I did, so I imagined Peter would think of that because Stiles is his favourite and if something like a fire, or something else happens he'd want her to have a chance to escape (sure she needs to forsake her heals but he trusts she'd be clever enough to do that). Oh yes, Stiles is Peter's favourite and he tells her that much.

                I'm horribly inept when it comes to make-up, yet I'm thinking Peter would keep it simple and light because she's got beautiful skin, and he doesn't want to hide her pretty little dark droplets that are so distracting to Derek. I'm also thinking he'd keep it light and simple, because he doesn't want to overwhelm Stiles. Stiles' is honestly surprised that Peter isn't slapping her face full with make-up.

                Thank you, thank you. I'll need all the luck in the world to keep my head in the game, because my thoughts they wander around.

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                1. I love your ideas and everything you've said makes it sound even more amazing xxxxx

                  Also I completely agree with the makeup, I think that was a good choice you made xxx

                  Sorry it took so long to reply but I was doing loads of work I had to catch up on and the email reminding me to reply decided to delete itself; so it's also down to my bad memory x

                  If I don't reply this week end please don't take it personally or anything I'm going to my friends caravan and it has no wifi and not great signal

                  Can't wait to speak again

                  Chloe xxxx

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                  1. I'm glad you like my little ideas, hopefully I can't pull them all together into something good.

                    I'm glad you think the makeup idea is a good one, since I'm horrid when it comes to makeup and so on, but I'm also thinking that because of the werewolves and their sensitive noses that too much makeup wouldn't smell nice or right to them.

                    No worries, I've been a bit out of it too since my allergies just kicked in and it kicked in hard.

                    Trust me, I will not take it personally, and hopefully you will not take it personally when I take a bit too much time to respond. Oh that sounds lovely, a perfect place to escape the usual day to day life. Hopefully the weather will be lovely, and you get to just relax.

                    Until we speak again, have fun, and rest.

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                    1. I had a great time thanks, the weather was good, nice and sunny. Luckily I didn't get burnt, like I normally do.

                      It was perfect for me to just relax and get away from day to day life.

                      Hopefully your allergies don't get in the way of life but I might know how you feel. I have hey fever so any pollen will set it off. It's more annoying then anything.

                      Good luck with the allergies xxx

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                      1. That's good to hear. I'm glad the weather was nice, and that you didn't get burned.

                        Sometimes that's all one needs, just a little escape from the day to day life, and just relax.

                        Well look at this, a fellow hey fever sufferer. I can handle hey fever when it's just that, but this year it just happens to happen at the same time as one nasty although useful plant is blooming, bloody annoying really.

                        Thank you. We're hanging on as best we can.

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                        1. Just keep hanging on in there. But if anything was to happen make sure you finish the story first, I couldn't live with the cliff hangers. Jk xx

                          I'm sure even with all the plants and allergies we'll do fine.

                          I'm not sure about you but it's summer here so, if it is summer where you are, or more like summer ending by the time I post this comment, I hope you are enjoying it or did enjoy it as best you can.

                          Sorry about taking a long time to reply. Don't worry I didn't forget about you, just got dramaticly distracted. Xxxx

                          Hopefully I actually have something interesting to talk about next time but until then... I can't think of an ending

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                          1. I tend to hang on (since even before I was born it seems). I shall try, I do hate cliff hangers that never end.

                            Here's to hoping *raising a cup of tea*.

                            Summer here, but autumn comes early here and there's already a taste of it in the air during the early morning hours, and some of the trees are already starting their change bringing forth the bright and glorious colours of autumn (I love autumn, the colours and the scent in the air, oh and the storms... now I'm getting all giddy at the thought). I have been and am still enjoying summer, watching things grow and bloom is always lovely, and not having to dress in heavy coats and boots is lovely, being all barefoot and free is nice.

                            No worries, since I took forever to answer back. As am I, which honestly isn't hard since I am easily distracted.

                            I find most things interesting, well not math since numbers are too distracting to me, for some reason they make my mind wonder and my brain leaps into strange areas like historical dates or just drawing out the numbers into strange outcomes.

                            Ending for what, if I may ask?

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                            1. I just meant an ending for the comment because we usually end them with something inspirational but it looks like I wasn't feeling like inspiring others that day. Or my imagination's giving up on me.

                              I also love the colours of autumn; this may just be me but they make me feel calm in a way. Like nothing bad is happening in the world. I think it may be the only season I can really go out and relax. The air being cool but not cold, not needing to wear heavy coats but light jumpers. The air fresh and crisp. It can often make me forget about anything I'm stressed about or am worrying about.

                              It must sound slightly strange me saying all this even if you know what I'm talking about. I hope you do otherwise this might just be a little too weird.

                              Again this is probably just me but I love taking pictures of the environment and the different colours of leaves. All going through their different stages of decomposition ready for winter. (sorry that was a little too weird wasn't it?)

                              Another thing I love about autumn compared too summer would be that there's not many people walking were I walk. That means less children and as bad as it may sound, I'm thankful for it because it means I can peacefully walk and just think about what really matters too me. It's also better than winter because I don't need to worry about slipping on ice, really ice is a silent killer. Especially when I'm walking down or up any hills, funny for my friends but not for me.

                              You may have the impression that I don't really spend that much time outside, or at least not as much as I should. You are probably right to think that but I'm usually just so busy with work that it means I can't really just go and walk, have time to myself and relax. But in autumn I can take my work outside and do it there. It also helps me to focus when I'm outside, so it really is a good thing that we have a season like autumn.

                              Sorry I have talked way to much about one season. You must think I'm mad but oh well, many of my friends already think I am anyway. Sorry about the rambling, sometimes I just talk about things or type in this case, and don't stop until I've wrote way too much on one thing. I have trouble focusing and yet I can say so much about one thing at the same time. I believe they call me unique for a reason :)

                              Anyway, how is your cat doing, still obsessed with you laptop or have they moved onto another thing? Hope they're not getting into anymore trouble :) xxxxx

                              Thanks for replying by the way xxxx

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                              1. Ah yes, I fear I was greatly distracted at the time. Words and thoughts a jumbled mess.
                                Not just you, I too find a peculiar comfort in the season of Autumn, there's a soothing element to it that I can't find in any other season. Spring is hectic and demanding, summer is loud and unforgiving, winter is cold and dark and to some degree lonely. Autumn is tranquil.
                                Autumn is perhaps the season of decay, but it is glorious, the air is fresh and the ground still forgiving, there's an unmatched beauty there that is too grand for me to express.
                                I too spend a great deal documenting the wonders of Autumn, and I find nothing strange about documenting the slow decay of nature as it is a beautiful event.
                                Very true, there's indeed less of people around and no treacherous ice to bring one down. Naturally those who don't experience the actual slip and fall find it hilarious but we who suffer the fall find it less amusing.
                                That was by far not the image I had of you, I simply imagined some one equally as burdened by life's demands as me.
                                Unlike my friends and family I always wait with an eager heart for Autumn, my season of peace and wonder.
                                The little feline friends are still at it, but with my sister's cats coming over for a longer stay than usua, I find myself hoping they will becoming distracted by their cousins.
                                Now I hope you will be well, and may the changing leaves and the gentle kiss of the autumn breeze spark life and peace in your heart and soul.

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                                1. Hopefully, they will have lots of fun with their cousins and they wont all be pestering you at once. Good luck looking after all them cats. xxx
                                  Thank you, I also hope you are well and enjoying the seasons.
                                  I won't have wifi for a week so if I don't reply I'm sorry but I will try to as soon as I can. I'm going to my friends caravan again; I love it there especially in autumn as it's really in the country side with hills, fields and hidden secrets. In a way it's like stepping into a book with all the beautiful nature.
                                  Again good luck with the cats while I try not to fall over while climbing water falls.

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                                  1. They are... well Artemis is enjoying herself, she's absolutely in love with one of the cats tails (its what we call a rat catchers tail, due to the myth that if the cats tai is long and thin and resembles that of a rat it will be excellent in catching rats), her cousin however doesn't appreciate the attention she gives her tail.
                                    We are all well, me especially since I've been able too sleep for at least 5 hours a night thanks to my sister's cats.
                                    Don't you worry about that. Just enjoy the beautiful wonders of the countryside (I'm equally happy and jealous of you, still I'm hoping you are blessed with great weather, good rest and plenty of laughter), just for heaven's sake don't go falling down or into any waterfalls or holes. No colds or broken bones for you.

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                                    1. Well, luckily I managed to survive, coming home with no broken bones or illnesses. Although I did nearly slip down the rocky side of a mountain but somehow my clumsiness failed and I didn't fall. Personally, I was quite impressed by not falling.
                                      I'm glad to hear that your getting more sleep an d hope that the peaceful nights continue and keep getting better for you. Unless of course you can function on 5 hours sleep.
                                      Maybe you should 'accidently' keep your sisters cat if it means getting better sleep.
                                      I'm just kidding I wouldn't recommend doing that she may be slightly mad at you if you do xx
                                      It seems like I never have wifi recently because I seem to keep going to different places but I'm going to Rome soon so yet again I don't believe I will be able to reply to your comments.

                                      Wishing you good weather, sleep and to just have a good day, until next time xxxx

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                                      1. Excellent news! I'm one of those people who tends to worry (more so when I'm familiar with how breakable we humans are), so it's good to know you haven't injured yourself or fallen ill. I understand that feeling, times when you expect yourself to get hurt and you don't are the best moments.
                                        Oh God yes, been sleeping unusually well, and frankly getting out of bed is a drag since all I want to do is cuddle with the cats, my snooze button gets a lot of actions these days. If they are 5 hours of solid sleep, I'm good.
                                        Oh, I've already told her I'm keeping them, and told her partner to start looking for replacements since I'm keeping the cats... oddly enough, they did not like that idea. The cats are their kids so I get it, and I find it cure and funny that the giant of a man my sister is with is a huge softy when it comes to the cats, calling himself their daddy and my sister their mama (and he's the sort of guy that looks like a rough and though biker guy).
                                        Oh Rome, do enjoy. Don't worry about the replying thing, just enjoy the city full of history.

                                        Thank you, hopefully the weather will become less rainy and stormy soon, not that my dog has anything against rainy weather since he loves the rainstorms and cruel winds. And for a few more weeks I dare say sleep will be plenty since my sister and her giant are travelling around in Europe, visiting place they didn't the previous year.

                                        I wish you fine weather, good rest and plenty of adventure.

                                        Avere un viaggio sicuro a Roma (Have a safe trip to Rome).

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                                        1. I had an amazing time in Rome thank you. It was so hot and the buildings were so tall. It was like stepping into an old town. The only difference being that in these old buildings are all new shops. I have too say that I think I'm very lucky because for once I didn't burn; even if I don't tan I'd rather stay the same than burn like a tomato. The sun was always beaming down at us and I can't complain it was lovely, the only day it wasn't like that was the last day when it was raining and as the rain was smashing down onto the pathways and roads all the Italians were walking at a slightly slower pace encase they slipped because honestly the roads there are deadly with how wet it was. The only people who were out in the rain were the people trying to sell us umbrellas or coats.
                                          It was quite funny really as one minute they would be trying to sell you water or ice in a bottle the next it was coats and umbrellas.
                                          I loved it there but I have to admit that I'm not sure that a city break is for me; I'm not saying that I would like to sit on a beach for a week but well... I would kind of like to sit on a beach for a week.
                                          I went back to school today and after six weeks off I really didn't feel like it at all. Apart from not really wanting to go back in general it was an alright day. I mean I got to see all my friends again and I must have been more anti-social than I thought as they all seemed very excited to see me. At least I hope that they were excited to see me and not just acting; if they were they were very good actors. Again unfortunately for me, it was raining this morning meaning I had to stand at a bus stop while it rained on me and my friends. They all had coats but I don't meaning I had to stand there with a little jacket on and sit in wet clothes nearly all day. Personally, I didn't appreciate the day starting like that. But you know what, I didn't let it keep me down and just got on with things.
                                          Plus, we got the new students (new year group) today. It was their first day and they were so small, it was kind of weird to think that one day I was that small. None of them had any idea where they were going so I had to tell a few people where to go and some of the shy people I think will grow to be great but its made me realise that I will be leaving soon. That's just a little terrifying.
                                          Sorry I babbled so much today but I'm just so excited to share my day with somebody. It seems silly because you don't even know me and honestly, I don't really know you but too me it doesn't matter all that much. I'm just thankful that you haven't told me to get lost yet and stopped listening to me. Even if it is just listening to me talk about my day I am really glad someone will listen, so thank you. xxxx
                                          Anyway how have you been recently because I probably talk way too much; I hope I'm not over stepping the mark here and I'm probably a little late saying it but if you or anyone you know has been effected by the storms that have and/or are going to happen, I send all the best wishes and hope they will be ok.

                                          Hope everything is still going well with the story and your still finding a little joy in talking to me :) until next time xxxxx

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                                          1. First, sorry for taking forever to respond. Time has not been a friend of mine, and frankly I've been selfish by enjoying the first leg of autumn.

                                            I'm glad Rome treated you well, and that you were able to enjoy the beauty of Rome. Well, that tends to happen to most old towns. I'm glad you didn't get a sunburn, it's never fun turning into a tomato, not a problem for me as much as it is for one of my friends. Oh I can only imagine the danger, the old town that's in the nearest so-called city nearest me, are terrifying when it rains or snows, the steep climbs and cobble narrow streets are frightful. There's a wise person, if they can adapt to the weather with the goods they sell, just imagine what sort of a fool would be standing out in the pouring rain selling water? I'm not into city breaks, well not for long at least, I'll enjoy the museums, sights, and the architecture, but I can stand it for a couple of days and then I need to just find a peaceful place. I understand that feeling, I'd love to do that too, or just sit by a lake for a couple hours breathing in the scent of forest of fields, and just get lost in my writing.
                                            Oh six weeks isn't all that long, it sounds long but six weeks goes by so fast, like my dad had five weeks off of work but it felt like two weeks.
                                            I think one can be excited to see someone, just because there's so much to tell said person. Chloe a start like that to a day will sour the mood of anyone who isn't heavily medicated, trust me, have me soaking wet and enduring even half an hour damp and I'll be crowned the worlds sourest person. I think the only one happy about getting caught in the rain is my dog, like last week I got stuck in the rain with him, and while I wore grumpy pants he was the happiest dog in the world, which made passing drivers and laugh because he sort of danced as he moved and tail wagging like crazy, not to mention the silly expression on his face.
                                            The unknown is terrifying to most of us, and it's perfectly normal. All we can do is help those facing the unknown we've already faced and perhaps one good act will come back to us later on in life.
                                            No need to apologize, I'm just sorry it took me this long to respond. I'm always willing to listen, and would never tell you to get lost and why would I stop listening? I'm good at listening, so why stop doing something I'm good at? But you are very welcome, even if I'm not sure why you are thanking me.
                                            I've been good, sleeping, now I'm just a bit sad because the cats are leaving in a few days. The storms have been causing a bit of trouble, and great old tree has to be cut down before the next one since the previous one caused it a great deal of damage. I'm surprisingly sad over this great tree. We had a moment we were a bit concerned for a family friend, but she made it out fine in the end, but it was a couple of anxious days.

                                            It is going well, when the time lets me. You have no idea how much joy you've brought me, and I was glad to hear that your trip went well and I do hope your autumn will be splendid with fine weather, and great thrills.

                                            Until next time, stay safe, warm and happy. xxxx

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                                            1. Don't worry about time and I hope that you are enjoying autumn. I should be apologising considering it has take me about 2 weeks to reply.
                                              I've simply been distracted lately with school and all the homework they've already given me, even doing tests and I haven't been back that long.
                                              Sitting by a lake getting lost in my writing sounds very peaceful and amazing. Sadly, the weather has not been on my side and it's been raining a lot so I don't think it would be a great idea for me to do that at the moment.
                                              Your dog sounds adorable; I can only imagine what kind of mischief he could get up too if left alone in the rain or even with you. But even with the rain it must be wonderful to have him walk with you and having fun. (Well at least he's having in the rain).
                                              I'm glad to hear that your friend is okay and it's great to hear that your okay. I'm sorry to hear that the poor tree must be cut down but at least no body can get hurt from it again. Plus, if you really wanted you could always plant another, maybe smaller tree, somewhere lese nearby.
                                              It may sound like I'm taking the mik out of you and a tree but I know what you mean. My grandparents have a tree in their garden, it's like a Christmas tree, it has been there through out all my life (my great -grandparents planted it when they lived there) and I loved it. But sadly, it has caused a few problems as its roots are so big that there cracking the ground around it putting the house in a bit of danger in case it cracks the house. However, when I heard about their plan to cut it down I knew I couldn't let it happen. I tried for weeks to get them to keep it and gave them any reason from, "it looks really nice you can't get rid of it, it's like a family heir loom" to "if you cut down the tree it wont make to the roots shrink so there's no real point in cutting it down".
                                              I know it was slightly selfish but no body really wanted it gone including them. So really what I did wasn't really that bad. Anyway, they ended up keeping the tree and I walk past it every day never forgetting how I almost lost it.
                                              I don't know how I expected that story to help but what I was trying to say is I know how you feel; kind off.
                                              Honestly, pretty much the only 'thrill' I've had right now is getting 72% on a test (yes, I'm actually proud of that) and talking to you. There's nothing really amazing happening in my life right now; unless your interested in my hospital appointment getting cancelled meaning I got a day off school.
                                              Actually, there was something I wanted to ask you. I know it's not Christmas until a few months but I was wondering if you would mind help me with something. You don't know what I look like and all you have to off is the comments I post. That's why I believe you may be a good person to ask. I don't know if I've told you this but in the 6 week holidays I bleached the bottom of my hair so I could dye it turquoise and now the colour has come out its left blond. I'm not colouring it brown like the rest of my hair because I kind of like it blond at the end and it means it's easier to dye if I get any crazy ideas again. So back on to what I was going to ask you, do you know any colours you think would look good? Any that are Christmas themed/suit Christmas? Really al I need is for it to blend well with chocolate brown to said colour.

                                              Until next time enjoy autumn and hope you sleep well even when the cats are gone. xxxxxx

                                              p.s. sorry about the long rambling comment xxxx

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                                              1. Oh I am! We've had all sorts of autumn weathers which is so refreshing (warm and sunny, light and heavy rains, gentle and rough winds), and the colours are wonderful. Oh not to worry, I've been so distracted by nature and writing since my brain keeps spewing ideas day and night, and of course trying to prepare for winter.
                                                Your education is important, so worry not about the time it takes to answer me. But remember to take little moments to just breathe and enjoy this wonderful season.
                                                Yeah, no, no sitting in the rain. You might get sick, and it's never good to write in the rain.... I've attempted it a few times in moments of desperation, not good.
                                                He is rather wonderful, he's massive but thinks he's tiny. If I did leave him alone and unwatched in the rain he'd leap into every puddle of water, and possibly start digging so he's covered in mud. He is usually very good, but those puddles and ditches are just too much of a temptation for him.
                                                She is and she's handling her dad's situation well, better than I had expected. Yeah, it breaks my heart to have it cut down but for safety reasons it has to be done. And yes, we're planning to plant a few new trees, my grandfather always said if you do harm to nature you have to balance it; he was also very strict on how you treated a tree that was being cut down, you have to be respectful of the tree unless you wish to anger the spirit of the tree.
                                                Nope, I don't think that. I'm glad you saved the tree, and it was nice to hear I'm not the only one attached to trees here.
                                                I'm so Proud of you, 75% is in my book awesome, especially if you really gave it a go. If you was here I'd give you my Excellent Hug (reserved to those who had battled a test and done a good job of it), so you just get a virtual/spirit hug. I'm so happy for you Chloe... you've made me smile so big that it hurts. Oh I hope the hospital appointment wasn't anything serious? But a day of school is always wonderful.
                                                Oh trust me Christmas will be here sooner than you think. I shall try to help you, well a rich red colour or a warm red one, then there's of course a warm green or emerald which might appear darker against the brown, of course white for snow or icy-blue for winter. The red of course would be the safest against brown.
                                                Don't you worry about rambling, after all I do it all the time.

                                                May the autumn weather favour you. I'm still waiting for the cats to go home, every weak I've thought they are going to leave, they aren't. But hopefully once they are gone, I will still be able to sleep.

                                                Now you take care, and may the autumn bring you plenty of laughter and joy.

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                                                1. I'm sorry it really has taken exceptionally long to reply this time, I've just been so busy with test and homework. It's a little crazy.
                                                  I'm glad I managed to make you smile and that your enjoying the autumn season.
                                                  Thank you for the virtual hug it was much appreciated and will be cherished.
                                                  It also makes me smile to know about all the cheeky things your wonderful pets are getting up too and just hearing from you.
                                                  Don't worry about the hospital appointment it was simply to put some braces on but as the got it mixed up, I will have to wait until some time in November to get them done now. Sadly, this may mean I have to get a second operation done in my mouth if it heals before the braces can go on.
                                                  I never thought about white/blue like ice for my hair but it sounds amazing and I know I would love to see what it looks like, so thank you.
                                                  I remember you saying that you weren't good at fashion and things like that but with a suggestion like that I have a feeling you're not giving yourself enough credit. xxx

                                                  Until next time (when I'm hopefully less busy) have a good autumn and a fun time exploring all the seasons wonders. xxxxx

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                                                  1. Don't worry about it, I've been busy too and it's been a bit crazy here too.
                                                    I tend to enjoy autumn more than any other season.
                                                    I'll give them whenever needed and deserved.
                                                    Well I'm glad my pets are able to entertain you too. I do love them, but at times I swear they are all bonkers.
                                                    Well, I'm glad it's nothing deathly serious, although the wait has to be horrible. I wouldn't be able to handle it. Oh no, having another operation done to your mouth is going to suck, hopefully that's not going to happen.
                                                    Well you are welcome. I do love the colour blue, all those pretty shades of blue are so lovely.
                                                    Well, I just love blue, and the colours of a good and proper winter and autumn, that doesn't mean I have any idea of fashion. But I'm glad my suggestion didn't sound completely insane.

                                                    Until next time take care, and remember to have fun. Well, autumn is drawing to an end soon, and winter is coming, but hopefully there will be snow but not too much of it, but just enough for my dog to shove his head into it (that's the way he cools off). But anyways, enjoy the season and celebrate its wonders with warm drinks and comfy socks, and remember to capture the beauty of it all too. xxxx

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                                                    1. I'm so so sorry I didn't reply; I may or may not have forgot. I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy New Year.
                                                      Hopefully you'll have a great time and get everything you want. I would say 'hey, at least we're not finding shopping stressful' but to be honest I usually end up going a few days before Christmas Day. But hopefully you're not getting to stressed about it and can enjoy all the perks of the holiday season.
                                                      Just a random update but do you remember when I was talking about slipping on ice and being clumsy, well I did... Seriously I got about 5 steps out my door and just fell; it was super embarrassing and hurt a lot.
                                                      Also have you every had the Starbucks Gingerbread Latte because I tried it for the first time the other day and it was truly awful.... I hated it. I love gingerbread but hate coffee and apparently the coffee flavour is a lot stronger than the gingerbread. My friend thought it was very funny plus she got a free drink, so really I think she was the only one who got something good out of that.

                                                      Sorry for the long paragraph and random things I've said (again) I'm just excited to talk again. Or at least too see how you've been doing, hope you have an amazing Christmas and wish you all the best for the New Year,
                                                      Chloe198403 xxxx

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                                                      1. Worry not my dear Chloe, it happens to the best of us. Thank you, Merry Christmas to you too, and a happy grand New Year, may the change in year bring you great fortune and joy.
                                                        Honestly it's been a truly trying couple of months, but I am hoping that things will get better. I'm fine even if I nearly got killed by a massive tree branch that came crashing down from a great old tree, I felt the damn thing all the way down my back as it came down. Needless to say that did shake me up more than a bit.
                                                        All I want is a couple of easy and slow mornings, curled up in bed with my cats, and long walks out in cold or snowy weather with my dog, and to devour one of the 5 boxes of chocolate I've been given while watching my favourite holiday season movies.
                                                        I do hope your wish list comes true too, and that you'll have peaceful mornings.
                                                        Oh I do remember. Gods that sucks, but I'm glad you didn't break anything. I just sprained my ankle during a walk, there was a hole in the road covered in snow, and well...
                                                        I love gingerbread, which is why I've been tricked into drinking that disgusting muck. Never again. I'm just can't.
                                                        Oh my Christmas preparations are almost done, I've got Bobs ugly Christmas sweater ready as well as his little hat (yes, he dresses up for the holidays)., just got to fix the food, the cleaning and gifts to wrap up for Christmas.
                                                        Oh my dog was heartbroken a couple of days ago when he found his Christmas present (a large teddy bear) and I took it away from him, he honestly looked like I'd killed Santa or something, hopefully he'll forgive my cruelty when he gets the bear. He loves soft and cuddle toys to the point he steals them, like I can't take him anywhere with soft toys or he'll walk right off with one (has happened at dog shows, and instead of stealing candy from kids he steals soft baby blankets and toys). He doesn't steal food, doesn't even eat food that's been dropped, but a soft toy disappears around him 100% of the time.
                                                        But any way, it was great hearing from you Chloe. You just made my Christmas a bit better. Merry Christmas to you and your kin, blessed be the New Year that is to come may it be seven times better than this year.

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