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  1. 'Jeez, I wish I could just marry you, actually.'
    'Also I feel the need to tell you that I think you should make it work with your person.'
    Len's message was really heartbreaking ... But I love those two quotes particularly ... :D <3 <3 <3. In fact, he's just pushing his crush to make a move on his crush's crush... which is him !!! :D. God, that's marvellous !!! I can't wait to read about when they are going to find out !!! :D. I don't know if you plan to but you think you could make them talk about their reactions about their exchanged messages after knowing who the other is ???? :).

    Their not-so-date-but-actually-kinda-sort-of-date-at-the-museum was perfect ... And you just kill everything with the symbiotic star !!! <3.

    Then the meta comes to ruin their moment :/. Buuuuuut, with Len taking the shot for Barry and all... Well, we've got Barry being sad because indeed, how could he compete against Len's big crush - a boy (for god's sake Barry, are you really going to be that oblivious ????) who happens to be himself .... XD.

    Did I already say that I love your story ???? :P.
    KUDOS !!!

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    1. can I be very pathetic for a moment and tell you how those two comments have made my everything today? I was so happy to read what you have to say about the chapter and jeeeeesus I was so nervous about the museum star thing? Because I read up on it but I am an absolute idiot when it comes to science and I really thought that everyone would probably see through my bullshit here haha
      So thank you so much that you liked it because I was really nervous about it!

      Will do, there will be all of the pining and the reactions and the talking and the love, I promise :)

      Thank you so so much, your comments make this story SO much better <3

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