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  1. AAAAAAAA THIS WAS SO CUTE!!!!! Saito was PINING hard for real. All those years, man... that's a hell of a long time to disappear for. I absolutely loved their reunion scene, with Saito kissing him and calling him an idiot over and over and over. Hehehe Also CHO WITH TOKIO?!?! I LOVE IT!! LOL Thanks so much for writing this!! I'm thrilled they finally got together and STAYED together!! :D

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      Yeah, it was, but since in the manga (the extra chapter with everyine getting together except for Saitou and Sano and there's cherry blossoms) it says it's the fifteenth year of the Meiji - I figured it'd be canon-ish if he came back the next year.
      :) I'm a sucker for reunions, what can I say :)
      I didn't really know what possessed me to write that - but I'm glad u liked it.
      I legit cried while writing this (it was a lot better in my head, lol) and feh yes - committed SaiSa FTW. :)

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