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  1. Hello !! ;)
    Yes ! Another update !!!!!
    I really really like when they exchange mails !!! XD
    Though I am wondering if any one of them is going to guess who the other is .... Especially, with all the tell-tale signs in their mails... :D.
    Or Are they going to finally decide to meet in person and be shocked to discover the other? ??? :D
    I laugh when Barry said Len couldn't possibly deserve to be behind bars! !! XD
    Looking forward for more! !!!!
    KUDOS !

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    1. Hii, thank you so much! Haha I thought it would be cute to imagine captain cold of all people being all lovey feely over e-mail haha :) Weeeell, let's see what happens, shall we? :P THANK YOUUU!

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