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  1. This was an amazing surprise to wake up to this morning - thanks! : D

    And it's a really interesting idea! I love the writing stye, too. I'm really curious to see where this is going!
    (The only tiny thing that doesn't quite add up is that Bill was assumed to have died in his shop along with Nora as well, so Liam would be told as much too - but it's something minor!)

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    1. Oh my! Wow, so nice to see you! I'm thrilled you like this silly little thing that got away from me last night! (I love it when stories do that)
      You make an excellent point as well. When I wrote this section, I thought about this, since what happened with Bill after the shop burned would have pretty much been kept quiet. I wanted to have Liam muse about the fact that he couldn't accept such a simple explanation to Bill's disappearance, but didn't have a good idea at the moment.
      I'm definitely going to go back over this and fix a few things (probably today) and I definitely want to fix this, since I have been trying to stay as close to the original material as I can. :D
      This has grown into a short story rather than a little blurb about Liam's history for RP and I'm having so much fun with it. I haven't been able to write in a long time, so this is welcome.

      Thank you for Flat World, hon! I hope there's more stories in me about this alternate version of Liam and his adventures...

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      1. I'll be fixing the point Pengy pointed out and will update it shortly. But I'm adding the second chapter at the moment. I had some computer stuff happen this last week, which slowed me down.

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    2. Pengy, I'm sorry it took this long, but I hope you like the update. I was definitely thinking about the point you made and I wanted to come up with an answer to it that was worthy of the source material as well as Liam, Bill and Nora (whom I felt needed a mention as well). I reread the entire Flat Dreams story as well as Flat World and love the setting so much. I hope to be writing more in these worlds. :D

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