Comment on Shades of Grey

  1. I really enjoyed this story, Joanna was adorable! The opening conversation between Bones and Jocelyn made me think though, particularly in the double standards it reveals. Here is a man reflecting on how his ex-wife threw something at him hard enough to leave him with a permanent scar...and she got full custody of their daughter, all their possessions, friends, the "entire state of Georgia", and it is a big concession for her to even let Bones see his daughter, and she is the one who needs to forgive him. And it makes you think, because that is a scenario/opinion you see a lot in stories and discussions about Bones and his wife's divorce, and, well, double standards are interesting.
    Apologies if this seems a criticism, it is in no way meant to be. I adored this story, I just found that aspect interesting food for thought.

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