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  1. Omfg! That got off to a wild ass start! I have sooo many questions!

    Why did they break up? Why didn't Steve know that something was up with his dad? And all the other stuff that is circling in my head, but I just got off working a 12hr last night, and my brain is refusing to function this morning.

    I am so fucking excited that you started a new fic that I bookmarked and subscribed before I even read it!

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    1. Well I can sort of answer your first question -- they weren't in a romantic relationship in the first place, which is part of why What Happened in the Past was such a huge thing that two grown men are still dramatic about.

      As far as his dad, Steve knew as soon as it happened but nobody expected Joe's condition to deteriorate so quickly. As soon as they realized that Joe wasn't long for this world, Steve booked his flight and took off from work to be there for his parents.

      I hope you enjoy the rest of the journey! I've been sitting on this fic for a while and I'm excited to share it with everyone.

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      1. Ah, the plot thickens! And doesn't What Happened in the Past always occur in capital letters? Hee!

        Love your writing, and I am so stoked for this! Makes happy noises

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