Comment on My Perfect Warrior


    Holy fucking snake burritos, this was such a good, completely fucked-up story. I've never played 1, and I didn't get far enough into 2 to completely understand all the tie-ins, but I did still appreciate them.

    Vaas. Vaas?! VAAAAS!!!!! None of that was real? Her men finding him, bringing him back? The Sixth Fucking Sense? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

    And not just that, but you threw down so many subtle references and hints that Citra's POV is distorted, downright false.

    You wrote such detailed backstories for Citra and Vaas' personalities and motivations, gave them such a devastating sense of genuine desperation and corruption. Just... well done, you.

    And the ending, jesus jumping elephants, how could that possibly end well? Was Yalung infected? Did no one notice the pale patch of skin on Citra's shoulder? Was any of that real?

    I need to go lie down.

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