Comment on White as Snow

  1. What an utterly delightful story! You completely nailed the characters of Polly and Canon Tallis, and it truly felt like I was delving back into that magical world of tesseracts and cherubim and unicorns and circles of time! I was actually disappointed when I realized there wouldn't be any more story to read! Because I absolutely must know what happens next! The characters of the L'Engleverse are like family to me. I grew up with them, and have been reading (and re-reading) their stories for almost 30 years. I've never looked for fanfiction because I was almost afraid that I wouldn't find anything worthwhile, anything that held that same...magic, that quality that makes her universe so unique and special for me. That I'd find nothing but 'shippy' stories of Adam and Vicki and Polly and Zachary and John... and I'd be disappointed. This was a truly magnificent story, and it felt...right. I love it!
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