Yuletide Madness 2012

Yuletide Madness 2012 is now live, and authors have been revealed!

For more information and updates about Yuletide events, please follow the Yuletide Admin LJ.

If you have any questions about Yuletide, please contact the moderators at yuletide@yuletidetreasure.org

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About Yuletide Madness 2012 (yuletidemadness2012)



Yuletide Madness is the mods' way of ensuring that everyone has something to read when the Yuletide stories go live on December 25th. We get nervous as long as there are participants without stories, even if we know that their pinch hitters are still working, because very occasionally one of our pinch hitters has to default. So at some point the full list of participant requests is made available, and anyone with an AO3 account can write something for anyone on the list, little Yuletide follies for sheer fun. Our view is that it's more for everyone to read!

Participant prompts for Yuletide 2012 are available here!