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This collection is for recs of Yuletide stories. When you bookmark a story from the Yuletide collection, just add your bookmark to "yuletide_recs" to have it automatically added to this collection.

Basic rules:
Some basic rules:
1) Stories can be from any Yuletide, Yuletide Madness, or New Year Resolutions collection.

2) Please only add bookmarks for stories you have already read and liked -- ie, don't add your "to read later" bookmarks to the collection.

3) It is okay to rec your own gift(s), but if you do, please also rec other stories as well.

4) Ideally add at least a brief comment to any bookmark you're adding -- the idea is for these bookmarks to be meatier recs, more informative about why you liked the story, since people browsing the archive can already sort by kudos etc. If you add a note like this, your rec will also automatically be reblogged to the yulerecs tumblr.

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