Well Written Well Composed Well Loved

Stories in this collection need to fulfill 2 of 3 criteria:

1. Well Written
Needs to be understandable and readable. If the first 4-6 paragraphs hook me then I continue to read. If the story can keep that attention all the way through I consider adding it to this collection.

2. Well Composed
This sometimes applies to formatting but if a story hooks me enough, awkward formatting can be ignored. Mostly this category applies to the content. A lot of the stories in this collection are very obscure AUs or crossovers. In order for an author to sell a completely bizarre concept the story tends to be very well composed in order to assist the suspension of disbelief.

3. Well Loved
This category applies to how I love a story. It is very subjective and not easily described. If you find something in here that has strange formatting or less eloquent wordsmithing it is simply here because I love it so very much.

(Stories with a lot of porn in them usually don’t end up in this collection but if they do that just means the porn is easily skippable or doesn’t take up too much space. So if you are looking for stories without a lot of porn look no further)

(Open, Moderated)

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