Tales of Femslash Week 2019

Tales of Femslash Week is an annual, week-long fandom challenge focused around femslash from the Tales of Series franchise of JRPGS. These subcollections are used to store fic contributions from each year. Please take a look at the rules and prompts for each year before starting your contributions (both of which are available on this year's subcollection's profile page (the rules are also in the parent collection's profile))

This year (2019), it takes place from from August 25th to August 31st.

We're also at Tumblr and Twitter, where art, graphics, cosplay photo, etc contributions reside as well! Our Tumblr is talesfemslashweek, and our Twitter @ is TalesFslashWeek

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About Tales of Femslash Week 2019 (talesfemslashweek2019)

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Here’s the prompts for each day of the week. The interpretation of the prompt is as flexible as you wish! You must use the tag #talesfemslashweek2019 with your submission should you wish it to be reblogged here.

The overall theme for this year is “desserts”, so although it is optional you may also incorporate the dessert into your piece! (or heavy reference to one, in the case of written works where graphical depictions aren’t possible)

August 25: Cookies - First Love
August 26: Peach Pie - A Favorite
August 27: Tea - Elegance
August 28: Palmier - Reunion
August 29: Baked Alaska - Unconventional
August 30: Homemade Chocolates - Sincerity
August 31: Assorted Box of Chocolates - Free for all (ie. no prompt to follow)



- Stick to Tales series canon characters and content. This means no OCs, no characters from non-Tales series, and no genderswapping male characters to make them female.
- Crossovers between different Tales games, however, are ok.
- So is them cosplaying a non-Tales character. It doesn’t matter what they’re wearing, they just have to be the same canon Tales character underneath all that.
- AUs are also acceptable so long as they involve the canon characters.
- NSFW content IS permitted, but you MUST put it under a cut when posting and tag it accordingly.
- Tag triggers where applicable. Suicide, death, blood, self harm, age gaps, incest… the like. We’ll tag them when we reblog from you, but make sure to use them too so that people are safe browsing the tag off the blog as well.
- Don’t use your artwork/fic as a platform for bigotry, hate speech, etc
- Generally just be civil and don’t harass other participants, etc

Have fun and happy femslashing!!