Queer Characters Collection

Stories featuring characters who are written as queer in terms of either gender identity or sexual orientation.

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About Queer Characters Collection (queercharacters)

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This unmoderated collection aims to increase the visibility of fan fiction portraying LGBT or queer characters, regardless of the character's canonical sexual orientation or gender identity. The main collection welcomes stories of any category; however, authors may wish to add stories featuring queer characters in non-romantic roles to the Queer Gen Subcollection for the convenience of readers seeking these oftentimes difficult to find stories.

The degree of emphasis placed on queer themes, queer identity, or queer point of view in these stories may vary widely; whether or not a character is consider queer in a particular story is left entirely to the discretion of the author.



01. Where can I find more information about the Queer Characters Collection?
The January 2010 post "Queer character tags on AO3, current and future" on the owner's Dreamwidth has more information about this collection, and it is also a good place to engage in discussion or contact the collection owner. Anonymous and OpenID comments are welcome and unscreened, although in some cases it may be helpful to provide your AO3 username.

02. What are some examples of queer character tags I might wish to apply to stories in this collection?
This list is by no means exhaustive, and the collection owner does not endorse the use of any particular tag over another, but possibilities include: LGBT Character, LGBTQ Character, LGBTQQI Character, Queer Character, Gay Character, Gay Male Character, Gay Female Character, Lesbian Character, Bisexual Character, Bisexual Male Character, Bisexual Female Character, Trans Character, Transgender Character, Transsexual Character, FTM Character, and MTF Character.

03. Where can I find more information and discussion regarding queer character tags?
If you're wondering why someone might want to use queer character tags or add a story to this collection, the initial discussion regarding queer character tags may be of interest. Additionally, the post contains discussion of why certain tags may be preferable to others, and speculation regarding how some tags may eventually be used.

04. Why doesn't my tag show up in the collection's tag cloud?
Right now, only wrangled or canonical tags -- that is, tags that have a standard, frequent use -- appear in a collection's tag cloud. However, all tags are browsable, so if you see MTF Character listed as a tag on a story, you can still click that tag and see other stories that use it regardless of whether the tag appears in the tag cloud. For more information about tags, see the OTW article "Archive of Our Own: Tags (Wuzzles) Explained". Yuletide's "Instructions for Uploading Your Story to AO3" contains more information on canonical tags in its Additional Tags section.