2018 Harry/Draco Food Fair

H/D Food Fair is the 2018 Fannish Fair hosted at H/D Fan Fair.

H/D Food Fair is a Harry/Draco fest, thus all stories and works of art must have Harry/Draco as the primary romantic/erotic pairing. Pre-slash should be marked clearly in the header information. Their relationship doesn't have to be the primary focus of the story/art, but it is important that both Harry and Draco play an important role in the story/art.

Our Theme: FOOD
For this year's Fair we'd love for you to come up with prompts, write stories, create artworks and read podfics that feature
• any food of any kind – muggle or wizarding e.g. spotted dick, bouillabaisse, chocolate frogs, Japanese or Greek cuisine
• any food-related occupation - e.g. baker, food taster, professional food forager
* any food-related tropes - e.g. coffee shop AU, restaurant rivals, celebrity chef/competition

This means that your entries must feature food, or some aspect of it, as the key component of your story.

(Open, Moderated, Unrevealed, Anonymous)

Random works