girls & peace fic fest - 2017

Hello, and welcome to girls & peace, a brand new femslash fic fest. Claiming is currently open, follow us on twitter @girlsfest for updates!

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About girls & peace fic fest - 2017 (girlsandpeacefest)

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Hello everyone, and welcome to girls & peace, a femslash fic fest!

The main goal of this fest is to help increase the (tiny) number of femslash fics in kpop, gathering writers and readers who want to see more stories about their favorite girls. We'll be welcoming all genres and pairings, as long as they're part of a girl group (or girl soloists!).



→ Multiple pairing options for the same prompt are allowed, for example if you just want someone to write you a Twice uni au and don't really care what the main ship is, feel free to put "any" as the pairing and specify the group, get creative with that.
→ You may submit prompts as vague or as specific as you want, but keep in mind being too vague or too specific makes it more unlikely to get claimed.
→ Prompts/fics containing scenes of dubcon, noncon, rape and/or pedophilia will not be allowed. If you submit a prompt/fic containing one or more of these, we'll get in touch with you in case you want to revise it. Otherwise, they won't be posted.
→ Plagiarism is strictly banned.
→ If you're gonna drop out, need an extension, or encounter any sort of inconvenient, please remember to get in touch with us about it.
→ Main pairings must include only members of girl groups or girl soloists.
→ First check-in word count is 800 words, though it isn't mandatory (mostly we just wanna make sure you haven't dropped out), and final drafts must be at least 1.5k words.
→ Since we're gonna be doing a guess who and reveals, please try not to divulge which prompt you claim! Obviously this is up to you, but it'll be more fun if everyone stays as hidden as they can.
→ You can submit as many prompts as you want, but please submit them separately!
→ Prompts will be kept anonymously, but we're requesting email addresses for all prompts in case the claimers want to ask you something or we need to get in touch with you for some other reason. We won't give out anyone's contact info under no circumstances!
→ There'll be a different form for self-prompting that will be made available when claiming starts.

→ Prompting: September 29 - October 20
→ Claiming: October 23 - February 1
→ First check-in: January 15
→ Final submissions: February 28