Fire Emblem Gen Week

tumblr-based fan week; find us at!

FE Gen Week is a creative event named after the “gen” tag on Archive Of Our Own, denoting works not associated with a particular pairing or ship. This week is all about promoting other kinds of content in fan works – friendships, families, rivalries, introspection, history, anything else you can think of. Characters in relationships are totally allowed to be included, but it shouldn’t be the focus of the story. We invite you to participate with fan art, fanfiction, or any other media you want. There will be two prompts to inspire you for each day, and you are welcome to use one or both of them, or none at all. You can run the gauntlet and do something everyday, or post something one day, or anything in between. Whatever is best for you! We’ll be happy to have you along.

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