Tumblr Monster Stories

This collection is intended to be a way to help make it possible to find all the stories and works that people are moving to AO3 from Tumblr.

The only requirement of authors is that all works added to the collection have appropriate content or trigger warnings.

Front page is randomized, so a different assortment of stories should show up each time.

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About Tumblr Monster Stories (TumblrMonsterWorks)

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Whatever tag you used on Tumblr, this collection is intended for folks who love reading or writing about monsters!

The front page is set to be a random assortment of works so all works in the collection should get some "air time" as it grows.



- You are welcome to add your own monster stories to the collection, or invite folks who have monster stories. Fandom monster stories are also welcome.

- Tag your stuff. It needs to be rated properly, and have any content or triggers tagged. Failure to do so will result in removal from the collection.