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About Tsukimine Shrine Livejournal Community (Tsukimine_Shrine_Livejournal_Community_Challenge_Fics)

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Tsukimine Shrine was a Cardcaptor Sakura Livejournal Community with a weekly fanfiction challenge. Many of the works have found their way here to AO3. This collection creates an opportunity to bookmark older fic and promote new fic fulfilling the challenge prompts.



When posting a completed fic, please observe the following rules (adapted from the LJ profile page):

1)Post your fic as a new/imported work.
2)Add to the collection using the field on your posting page.
3)Use proper spelling/grammar/punctuation (Proofread and Spellcheck!)
4)Keep the rating between G and PG-13. This is an open community with no age restrictions, so please keep that in mind. (Because no one seems to get what this means, it means no explicit sexual/violent content.)
5)Use the tags function to label your entry with the characters or pairings featured in your fic. See this post for tagging guidelines.