Trektober 2020

Choose one prompt per day from any of the three lists and get creating! Fanfiction, fanart and any other forms welcome!

Check the Intro for full prompt list.

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Prompt Lists

Trek Prompts

1. Mirror Universe

2. Academy Era

3. In Uniform

4. Aliens Made them Do It

5. Transporter Malfunctions

6. Captain's Chair

7. Interspecies Relationship

8. Tentacles

9. Sex/Love Pollen

10. Away Mission

11. Stars

12. Alien Cultural Customs

13. Shuttlecraft

14. Medbay

15. Shuttle Crash

16. Comms

17. Other Trek Crossover

18. Waiting By Biobed

19. Formal Uniforms

20. Decontamination

21. Holodeck

22. Telepathy

23. Jeffries Tube

24. Diplomatic Mission

25. Stranded on a Planet

26. Lockdown

27. First Contact

28. Shore Leave/Risa

29. No Starfleet AU

30. EV Suits

31. Night Shift


Plot Prompts

 1. First Kiss

2. Caring for a Child

3. Wedding Crashers

4. Monster Hunting

5. Pining

6. Neighbours

7. Soulmate AU

8. Only One Bed

9. Age Difference

10. Historial AU

11. Enemies to Lovers

12. Supernatural Beings AU

13. Stuck in an Enclosed Space

14. A/B/O Dynamics

15. Cuddling for Warmth

16. Coffee Shop AU

17. Nightmares

18. Amnesia

19. Love Confessions

20. High School/College AU

21. Fake Relationship

22. Secretly Dating

23. 21st Century AU

24. Harry Potter AU

25. Superpowers AU

26. Bodyswap

27. Post-Apocalypse AU

28. Road Trip

29. Meeting the Family

30. Injuries

31. Holiday Celebration.


Sexy Prompts

1. Hate Sex

2. First Time

3. Restraints

4. Sex in a Vehicle

5. Public Sex

6. Lingerie

7. Anonymous Hookup

8. Breathplay

9. Rimming

10. 69ing

11. Somnophilia

12. Edging

13. Rough Sex

14. Praise Kink

15. Comfort Sex

16. Biting/Marking

17. Sensory Play

18. Overstimulation

19. Tattoos/Piercings

20. Size kink

21. Temperature Play

22. Friends with Benefits

23. Double Penetration

24. Mirror Sex

25. Spanking

26. Shower/Bath Sex

27. Oral Sex

28. BDSM

29. Toys

30. Enthusiastic Consent

31. Masturbation



Three Lists?
Yep! Three lists. Each day, you pick a prompt from one of the lists (for example, on October 3rd, you could pick prompt three from any list). This allows people to feel like they have some flexibility in what they want to create, as well as ensuring that people who aren't comfortable creating adult-rated works can still take part.

What if I don't like any of those prompts?
That's what wildcards are for! Don't like a prompt for that day? Pick another! You can do this up to three times.

What can I create?
Anything! You can make fanart, write fic, poetry, or headcanons/meta, make a video or a playlist, cosplay, or anything else your heart desires. Just make sure you tag and warn for content where appropriate.

Where can I post?
Here ideally, but don't worry, we'll be making ongoing posts about it to ensure everyone knows where to post.

Do I have to produce something for every day?
Not at all! You can do as many or as few of the days as you want to!

When can we start?
You can start work as soon as the prompt list is released, but we'd like to keep posting to October. So we're asking that people post each work on the corresponding day (ie. works inspired by prompt 1 will be posted on October 1st).



Welcome to Trektober, an October Star Trek Fanwork Event!

The guidelines are simple: each day, pick a prompt from one of the three lists (kinky/sexy, vanilla/plotty, Trek/spacey) and create a fanwork for it.

If you're struggling for inspiration, you can use up to three wildcards and write whatever you want for that day!