Behold the Sacred Texts

A collection hosting the many and varied fic recommendations from the members of the Anubis' Crypt discord server!

All fics have been chosen because our members love them, and we think others will too! The collection is BNHA-centric, but all fandoms are welcome! Info on the discord server, and how to join, are in the FAQ.

Feel free to shuffle through and enjoy the recs!!

Note: We will not be using the 'unrevealed' option for this collection at any point.

(Open, Moderated)

About Behold the Sacred Texts (TheCrackheadBible)



Q: Can I submit any fics from any fandom to the collection?
A: Yup! The collection might be BNHA-centric but that's just because our discord is! Submissions from server members will be prioritised over non-members.

Q: Is there any rating limit on recs?
A: Nope! Everything from G to E is accepted here, though anything seriously messed up might get you an eyebrow lift from the moderators.

Q: What's the discord server these recs came from?
A: The server in question is the Crypt, aka the discord server for fans of Anubis_2701's fics.


Things to know before joining the discord server:

  • The server was created for fans of Anubis_2701's fics. It is recommended you are at least familiar with one or more of said fics prior to joining.
  • Lurking is understandable but we love people who love to chat! We're all friendly, promise!
  • People of all ages/nationalities are welcome! The main language is English but we don't mind others, and there are specifically 18+ channels so as to keep NSFW content away from those who don't want to see it.
  • The server is BNHA-centric (much like this collection) but other dominant fandoms include Haikyuu, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen and others!
  • If you do join the server, reading your entry message is essential!

And if, after all that, you still want to come hang out with us, you can join here!