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They say when an angel wants to fall in love, they will travel to the lake of Moirai and cast their fishing pole of love into the lake hoping for the right fish to swim along. Usually, whatever the angel looked for in a partner is what they would use as bait to lure them in and for some, it could take 10 days to 10 years to catch the right fish; or as the humans call it soulmate.

It took much debating and procrastinating for Yoongi to finally have the courage to travel to the lake of Moirai. You see, Yoongi doesn’t believe in love; love is fleeting and short. It may look beautiful like a rose or colorful like the leaves of Autumn but in the end all beautiful things too must come to an end.

Maybe another reason why Yoongi doesn’t love love is because he doesn’t even love himself. It makes sense no matter how depressing or ridiculous it sounds and Yoongi will admit, that in the past he thought loving someone else was enough.

Oh how naïve he was back then.

But here he is now in the present, staring at his ghostless reflection in the crystal clear water of lake Moirai. He looks nervous and he definitely feels nervous too, for today is the day that he will try to love again. And if by chance he doesn’t catch anything today then maybe the gods just don’t think love was meant for him.

He knows that he could come back to the lake and try to fish again. His father once told him that it took him three years to catch his mother. His brother Jungkook told him that it took him one month to find his. But Yoongi doesn’t want to waste his life waiting for his soulmate that mostly doesn’t exist. So that’s why today if he doesn’t catch something he’ll give up on love and go back home alone.

He’ll give up on himself too.


Before Yoongi left for his long trip to the lake, his best friend Seokjin reminded him to know what he wanted in a partner so that his bait would be more useful.

“Why?” Yoongi asked confused.

“So that if by chance you do happen to catch the right fish they will be everything you ever wanted in life.”


Yoongi snorted at that and waved goodbye. He was not a romantic but deep down a little spark of hope warmed the boys heart. He pushed it away quickly walking out of the door heart set forward on the trip that most likely wouldn’t be worth it.

The journey took three days to get there but in that time Yoongi thought about what he wanted in his soulmate. Thankfully Yoongi wasn’t a picky guy, all he really wanted in a soulmate was someone who loved him and would care for him all the days of his life. He added that to the mental list in his head.

Yoongi’s Soulmate
Someone who loves me.

“What else should I add?” Yoongi whispers to himself. Rubbing his index finger under his chin.

Sadly Yoongi had been in only one relationship in the past ( and it wasn’t a good one ) so it was tricky for him to come up with qualities that he wanted in someone. At least he knew what he didn’t want in a partner.

His first & last relationship ended horribly. The man was possessive and abusive. Yoongi wouldn’t be able to survive again if he meet someone like that. He could add someone who won’t hurt him on the list but, someone who loves him and cares for him wouldn’t hurt him so he supposes that’s all he needs to write down.

Yoongi’s Soulmate
Someone who loves me.

He could add more to his list like what color of eyes he likes ( honey hazel eyes ) and how tall he’d want his soulmate to be ( taller than me ) but again, Yoongi wasn’t a picky person. If he had a wonderful personality then that’s all that mattered.

It’s funny though, how hard it is to find someone with a good personality now a days. Even if that’s the only thing you're looking for in a person


Sitting under a cherry blossom tree in the corner of the lake Yoongi begins to pull out his fishing pole and bait.

He sprinkles care and love onto the rod and before he throws it into the lake he says a quick prayer to the gods hoping that today will be the day that he can finally truly love someone.

And maybe love himself, even if it’s just a little bit.

His hands are shaky and a drop of sweat trickles down the left side of his brow.

“You can do it Yoongi. It’s ok, everything’s ok.” Taking a deep breath in he throws his fishing rod into the lake. When the rod hits the surface of the water it makes a splashing sound and then begins to bob up and down.

“And now we wait.” he says as he looks down at his watch.

Thirty minutes go by, nothing happens; the lake is quiet.

Thirsty minutes go by again, nothing happens; the lake is still quiet.

“It’s fine Yoongi, I’ve been waiting for an hour only so far.” He doesn’t know if he’s really fine. He’s so good at convincing himself that he’s ok so it works for awhile.

Another hour goes by, then two and now he’s losing hope. Of course, nothing would happen. Nothing always happens when it comes to love.

Nothing always happens when it comes to Yoongi.

Three hours goes by and his heart starts to feel heavy. He’s closing his eyes now trying to hold back the tears.

Another hour goes past. At this point Yoongi would rather drown himself in the lake of Moirai than wait another hour. But he continues to wait because honestly what else does he have left at home? He did also promise himself to wait a whole day and it’s only 10:00 pm, two hours left.

Time starts speeding up and before he knows it it’s almost 12:00 pm. His knuckles are white from squeezing the fishing rod pole for too long. His rod isn’t catching anything.

Tears start forming at the ends of his eyes.

11:55 pm
11:56 pm

“I should’ve known.”

11:57 pm
11:58 pm

“Any last words Yoongi?” He says to himself glaring at his reflection in the water.

Laughing to himself painfully he packs up everything quickly and turns around to leave. He gets up so fast that he forgets his fishing pole is still in the water.

Back faced towards the lake he starts getting further and further away. At this point he’ll make his own lake with how many tears that he produces, trickling down his face.

Before the lake is out of sight for good he hears someone start to cry behind him.

“Finally, finally someone caught me!”

Yoongi freezes in his steps. Has he finally lost it? Is he starting to hear voices no-

He hears another sound coming from the lake.

Turning around slowly in his steps Yoongi spots something in the lake. No, someone in the lake. Walking back towards his fishing pole to get a better view Yoongi can make out a beautiful boy floating in the lake staring right back at him in awe.

Something deep within Yoongi awakens and he’s so caught up in this moment that he barley realizes he’s knee deep in the lakes water.

“Yoongi?!” the boy yells. He’s crying.

It’s at this moment that Yoongi realizes that this could be the one, this could be his soulmate.

“How do you know my name?”

The boy isn’t floating now but more doggy paddling towards him. Yoongi wants to laugh at the sight. But before he can the boy speaks.

“I’d love to answer your question but as you can see I’m not floating anymore and I can’t swim. Could you help me out?” he’s smiling at him now with a boxy grin, hand stretched out towards Yoongi.

“Ah- yeah, yeah hold on.” As Yoongi gets deeper and deeper into the lake he thinks for a moment that he wouldn’t mind seeing that smile for the rest of his life.

Yoongi is not a romantic but it seems the power this boy has on him makes him say otherwise .

Finally grabbing onto the boys hand he pulls him towards him and before he knows it the boy wraps his arms quickly around Yoongi’s waist. Electricity runs up Yoongi’s back. Yoongi starts to shiver and he wonders if it’s because of the cold water or more because the boys big warm hands are clinging onto his waist.

They both make it back to the shore of the lake and collapse to the ground underneath the cherry tree that Yoongi was under just a while ago.

The only thing that can be heard is their gasping mouths desperate for air. A couple of minutes go by when both of them finally catch their breath.

With how quiet they are now Yoongi soon realizes that both of the sides of their bodies are pressed up against each other. He starts to blush.

“You didn’t answer my question.” He prays that the boy can’t hear his heart beating fast.

“Ah right!” he turns his head sideways to get a better look at Yoongi.

They’re both staring straight into each other’s eyes now. They’re so close now that Yoongi can count all of the eyelashes on the boys face.Yoongi also wants to kiss each of his eyelids.

He makes a mental note that the boys eyes are honey hazel and he can also see that the boy is a bit taller than him while they lay down beside each other.

“Before you caught me, I kept hearing voices. When I’d go to bed I’d here someone’s name and when I’d wake up I’d hear their name again.”

“What did they say, the voices I mean?” He knows the answer but for some reason he still asks.


Yoongi’s breathe hitches. He sounds so beautiful when he calls his name.
“What is your name then?”

He pauses for a minute contemplating what he should say next. “Can I do something first and then I’ll tell you?” There’s something in the boys eyes that Yoongi can’t quite pinpoint.

“Yes!” It surprises Yoongi how quick he said yes to the stranger but strangely enough he trusts him. He’s also positive too that this mysterious boy that appeared to him in the lake is his soulmate.

As if they’re not close enough the boy gets closer and twists his body forward so that he’s now on top of Yoongi.

After Yoongi broke it off with his abusive boyfriend he was always afraid to touch another person. Flinching every time his body came in contact with anyone.

But this beautiful boy that’s on top of him, looking at Yoongi like he’s beautiful too makes him want to cry. The feeling of him on Yoongi makes him feel safe; it makes him feel like maybe, just maybe Yoongi was supposed to find love after all.

“Can I kiss you?” the boy asks gently as if not trying to scare the other away.

“Yes.” It seems that saying yes to this beautiful stranger is very easy for Yoongi. This time though, he isn’t surprised.

The boy caresses the left side of Yoongi’s check and slowly moves his lips towards Yoongi’s. When their lips meet, butterflies erupted all over Yoongi’s body. He tastes like strawberries and smells like Autumn rain.

Yoongi is not a romantic but kissing this boys lips makes him think otherwise.

Yoongi wants more of it. And by the way the other hums into the kiss he knows that the boy wants it too.

To deepen the kiss Yoongi moves forward with his head and captures the boys upper lip in between his teeth, getting a moan from the other. The boys lips are chapped but by the way Yoongi kisses him he’s sure they won’t be by the time they’re done.

Before anything else can happen, the boy smiles in between the kiss and says,

“Taehyung, my names Taehyung and I am your soulmate.”

Soulmate, Yoongi had a soulmate. It sounds weird in his head but ever since he came to this damn lake things have been weird.

Taehyung’s pulling away from the kiss now to get a better view of Yoongi.

“Did you know you’re even more beautiful up close Yoongi?”

And damn this beautiful boy that he met just moments ago making his heart burst into a thousand pieces.

He could reply back and tell him how much he hates himself and that he’s never thought that way about himself before, only ever frowning when he looks in the mirror. But the way Taehyung looks at him when he calls his name; looking at him like he’s everything that Taehyung could ever need makes him feel a little bit better about himself.

Only a couple hours have past since Yoongi meet Taehyung, yet deep down inside his soul he knows that Taehyung and him were meant to be. Yoongi still hates himself but looking into Taehyung’s eyes he knows that with the help of his soulmate and himself he can one day love himself again.

They continue to stare at each other for what seems like ages and Yoongi realizes at this moment that he should change his mental list in his head.

Yoongi’s Soulmate