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“Hyung, have you slept at all in the last 48 hours?” Hoseok’s calming voice comes from the other end of the phone. He sounded concerned, and rightfully so. 



Sighing softly, Yoongi pinches the bride of his nose, laying back on the bed, starring at the ceiling. He honestly couldn’t remember the last time he did sleep. Sometime before the accident, he knew that.  



“I’m fine, Seok.” He says instead.  



“Yeah, you don’t sound fine to me.” Hoseok’s been his best friend since high school, years and years ago. If anyone knew Yoongi inside and out, it was him.  



He knew Yoongi was lying. 



“I am, really. It’s just..” Yoongi’s voice trails off, cracking a bit at the end, quickly clearing his throat to cover it.  



“We all miss him, you know.” His voice was gentle, caring. Then again, that was Hobi. Always looking out for his friends. 



“I know.” Yoongi says with a sigh, sitting back up and looking out the window. The sun was just setting on the horizon and the stars were slowly making their presence know.  



Taehyung use to love looking at the stars and the night sky. 



“Hey hyung,” Taehyung had called him in the middle of the night, telling him that the meteor shower would be starting soon. “You should come over and watch them with me! It’s like a million falling stars, we can make as many wishes as we want! One of them is bound to come true, right?” 



“I don’t think it works like that, Tae.” He said with a breathy chuckle. “I can’t tonight, I have to be at the studio first thing in the morning. Let me know when the next one comes around, and I’ll join you.”  



Tae tried a few more times to convince Yoongi to call in and just come hang out with him. It had been so long since the last time they saw each other, he missed Yoongi. Yoongi missed Tae too, but unfortunately adulting had to come first, and he had some pretty hefty bills coming up that month.  



Two days later, Yoongi had gotten the call. Taehyung had been in an accident. Some idiot had been texting and didn’t see the red light, or Taehyung crossing the intersection. He died on the scene. In an instant, Taehyung’s light had been snuffed out.  



Kim Taehyung, had been so full of life and laughter, for the universe to take him in such a cruel way, was unfair. Wrong in so many ways.  



What was worse, Yoongi never got to tell Tae the one thing he’d been wanting to tell him since they met in college. That he loved him and loved having him in his life. Even when he was being annoying and too much. Hoseok had been telling him he needed to man up and just tell Taehyung how he felt. But every time he even thought about doing it, the anxiety of not knowing how he would react, always held him back. It was a regret he would have to live with the rest of his life.  



Getting that phone call had been earth shattering for their little circle of friends. But more so for Yoongi. He broke down right in the middle of the studio, with everyone watching. Yoongi didn’t care though, in that moment, his entire world had ended with three words from Namjoon:  



“Hyung, Taehyung’s dead.”  



“Yoongs, you still there?” Hoseok breaks through the painful memories of the last week. 



“Yeah, I’m here.” He rubs his palm over his face. “Sorry, I spaced out.”  



“See, you’re not fine. Especially if you’re spacing out in the middle of a conversation.” Hobi’s voice chastises. “I’m coming over, and making sure you actually get a good night’s sleep. Even if I have to drug your stubborn ass.”  



Yoongi smiles knowing his friend was telling the truth. “Don’t, I promise, I’m alright. In fact, I’m going to take some of the sleeping pills Jin hyung gave me at the funeral today. He said they’d knock me out pretty quickly.” 



“Well, alright.” He says unsure. “But if I call back in an hour and you answer, I’m calling Jin hyung and telling him you’re not sleeping.”  



“Alright, alright. Good night, Seok.”  



“Night hyung.”  



Showered and in a fresh change of clothes, Yoongi stands in his kitchen, starring down at the two small white pills in the center of his palm. He didn’t want to sleep. Sleeping meant dreaming, and his dreams all revolved around Taehyung. Some dreams were nice, others were nightmares.  



Bringing his hand up, he tosses them into his mouth. As soon as they hit his tongue, Yoongi lifts the glass of water and quickly swallows. Finishing the glass of water, he places it in the sink and heads for the living room window.  



Just outside, there was a small fire escape. It wasn’t very big, but it was enough for him to sit on. The metal was rusty and looked out it might collapse under too much weight, but Yoongi didn’t care. With the sun down now, he could clearly see the black sky above him, dotted by hundreds of thousands of twinkling stars. He was thankful there weren’t any clouds tonight, and wondered if maybe Taehyung had a part in that. Or at least that’s what he decided to tell himself.  



For the next 20 minutes, Yoongi sits out there, watching the stars and wishing he could turn back time. It wasn’t fair, but then again life wasn’t fair, was it? 



“Why did you have to leave me, Tae?” Yoongi whispers to the sky, pretending he was talking to Taehyung. “There was still so much left to say, so much I needed to tell you. I know now, that I should’ve stopped being a fucking coward and just told you how I felt. But now you’re gone and I’ll never be able to tell you how much I love you. How much I love your weird antics and your odd facts. The way you’d call me in the middle of the night, just to make sure I’m alright, that I was eating enough, or getting enough sleep.” 



He could feel the tears building in his eyes, but he refused to shed any more. Squeezing his eyes shut, he tilts his head down, hands clenched tightly in his lap. When he felt like he could open his eyes again without crying, he looked back to the stars; just in time to see a falling star streak across the sky. 



“Make a wish, hyung!” He could clearly hear Taehyung’s enthusiastic voice right beside his ear. 



There was only one thing in this world Yoongi could think of to wish for. Just one, and even though it was an impossible wish, he still voices it. 



“Please, please, just give him back to me.” Yoongi closes his eyes once more, letting his heart pour out into the wish. “I wish Taehyung was alive again, so that I can tell him how much he means to me. I’ll do anything to have him back again.”  



With his eyes closed, Yoongi’s misses the way the star brightens a moment, before disappearing. 



Yoongi goes to bed after that. The affects of Jin’s sleeping pills finally kicking in, forcing him inside, or he’d end up sleeping on the fire escape.  





The sound of his iPhone ringing, wakes Yoongi from a drug induced sleep. Jin’s sleeping pills hitting him harder than he expected, and he figures one would’ve done the job. Taking both had been overkill, but thankfully he didn’t have a single dream. At least not that he remembered.  



Blindly, he reaches for the nightstand on the right side of his bed, where his phone lay charging. Taking his phone in hand, he briefly considers chunking it out the window, but the cost of replacing the device wasn’t worth the momentary satisfaction.  



Groaning, he rolls onto his side, and cracks one eyes open. His heart seizes in his chest as he reads the contact name:  






Yoongi forgets how to breath for a second, before remembering Taehyung’s mother had given Jimin his phone after the funeral. Why the little brat was calling him at the ass crack of dawn, he couldn’t fathom. If it was his idea of some twisted joke, Yoongi wasn’t laughing.  



Swiping the answer key, Yoongi places it against his ear. In the most intimidating voice he could manage he says, “I swear to god Park Jimin, if you’re calling to play some dumbass prank on me, I’m not having it.” 



Hyung?” The baritone voice on the other end of the line as Yoongi immediately sitting up, a cold sweat breaking out along his body.  



“T-Tae?” His voice cracks and his vision goes blurry. This had to be a dream, any minute now, he was going to wake up and this moment would fade away like all the other dreams. “This isn’t real. I’m hanging up.” 



He hears Taehyung laugh on the other side. “You haven’t been sleeping again, have you? How many times do I have tell you napping at the studio, doesn’t count as sleeping.”  



Yoongi can’t help but smile. Even if this was a dream, hearing Taehyung nagging him about not sleeping made his heavy heart light. Deciding to play along, Yoongi falls back on the bed as he replies. “I was asleep, Taehyung. Then you called me for god only knows why.” He glances at the glowing red lights of his alarm clock, reading the time: 0300. “It’s too early to be calling, Tae. We can talk in the morning.” 



“Hyung, wait!” Taehyung calls, just as Yoongi pulled the phone from his ear. 



Sighing, he places it back. “Yeah?” 



“Meter shower is tomorrow night, will you come watch it with me?” 



He suddenly feels a sense of déjà vu. Before he even stops to think about it, Yoongi finds himself agreeing. “Yes!” Sounding a little too eager, even to his own ears, Yoongi clears his throat. “I mean, yeah. I’ll come. I’m suppose to work, but I don’t think calling in for one night will be a problem.” 



“Great!” The excitement in Tae’s voice has Yoongi smiling. “I work tomorrow night, but we can meet up and sit on the roof. No one will mind.” 



“Sounds good. I’ll meet you tomorrow night, then.” 



“Can’t wait! See you tomorrow, hyung!” 



As soon as he ends the call, Yoongi’s smile falters, aware that this dream would be coming to an end now. He’d wake up in his own bed and Taehyung would still be dead. Tossing his phone to the side, he curls up with his knees to his chest, waiting for the inevitable.  



It didn’t come though.  



For several minutes Yoongi lays there, waiting. He never wakes, but his phone does ding loudly with an incoming text message. Frowning, he sits up, reaching across the bed for the little device.  


[Unknown 03:09 ] 

Are you happy? I granted your wish, Min Yoongi.  


[Yoongi 03:10 ] 


Who is this and what are you talking about? 


[Unknown 03:09 ] 

o.o were you not the one who wished for just one more chance to tell Taehyung how you felt? 


[Yoongi 03:11 ] 

The fuck? Jimin? I’m sick of these childish games. >.> 


[Unknown 03:11 ] 

No games! I promise. I’m also not Jimin.  

I heard your wish and I’ve granted it.  


[Yoongi 03:1 3] 


Who is this really?  


[Unknown 03:14] 

It was you who wished on the star last night, right?  

I didn’t fuck it up again 😓 


[Yoongi 03:15] 

How do you know about that?  

Were you spying on me? 

Are you one of those creep ass weirdos? e.e 


[Unknown 03:17] 

I told you already. I don’t like repeating myself.  

Please pay attention. 

This is important. 


[Yoongi 03:17] 


Fine, I’m listening.  


[Unknown 03:18] 

Finally, I thought you’d be more difficult.  

Anywho! Hi, I’m here to grant your wish!  

You may call me, fate, destiny, or a wizard, idc 

Min Yoongi, your love for Kim Taehyung has moved me! 

I’ve brought you back to the past, just in time to change the future!  

You have one day, 24 hours, to tell him how you feel. Thus saving him from death.  

(Who’s a real pain in the ass btw) 


[Yoongi 03:20] 

Fate? Seriously?  

Why should I believe you? 


[Unknown 03:22] 

That, is completely up to you.  

Believe me or don’t.  

This is your one chance.  

You have until 3am tomorrow.  

Fail to confess, and Taehyung’s fate will remain the same.  

Good luck!  






Yoongi didn’t sleep a wink the rest of the night. Reading and rereading the text message from “Fate” several times. Looking at the bright screen for so long in the dark, had his head hurting. Still, he couldn’t force himself back to sleep. A part of him was afraid this wasn’t true, that it was some elaborate prank set up by his friends. Another part of him, dared to believe. Now all he had to do was overcome his fear and tell Taehyung how he felt before 3am tomorrow.  




“Hey,” A hand claps down on his shoulder, making him jump up, knocking the chair back. Hoseok’s wide eyes looked over him with concern. “Woah, little jumpy this morning, are we? Mayhaps, you shouldn’t drink this delicious coffee, after all.” 



Yoongi rolls his eyes, reaching out to snatch the hot drink from his friend. The first sip burned his tongue, but he didn’t care, gulping it down anyways. He called Hoseok as soon as the sun rose, needing to talk to someone he trusts wholeheartedly.  



“Seriously Yoongs,” his friend says, sitting down across from him, sipping his own drink. “You look like shit. What’s going on?” 






“Taehyung’s going on? What about him?” 



“He’s dead, right? He died a week ago in a freak accident.” Yoongi needed to hear it. He had to know for sure and beating around the bush wasn’t going to get him to the truth.  



The way Hoseok’s eyes go wide, brows disappearing under his bangs, was enough confirmation. “What the hell, hyung! Are you serious, right now?! You can’t just say shit like that!” 



“Calm down, I just needed you to confirm something for me, and you did.” Yoongi, sighs, sitting back in his chair.  



“Confirm what exactly?” Now he was angry.  



“That this is some fucked up nightmare, or joke.” As he says this, Yoongi unlocks his phone and slides it across the table. The messages from last night already pulled up.  



Hoseok takes several minutes to read over the texts, and then reads them again. When he looks back up, there was a look of disbelief in his eyes. “Is this for real?” Yoongi nods. “You’re really from the future?” 



“If what you say is true and Taehyung is actually alive right now, then yes.” He takes his phone back, scanning the messages.  



“He’s alive alright.” Hoseok had his own phone out, and the familiar ringing of a FaceTime call, could be heard. “TaeTae!” 



Hobi, hyung?” Yoongi’s chest constricts at the sound of Taehyung’s sleepy voice. Taehyung must’ve just gotten off work. Night security at the art museum could be rough.  



“Sorry if I woke you up, but I need you to say hi to Yoongi hyung.”  



What? Why? I talked to him last night.” The younger male asks, his voice deeper than normal.  



Hoseok looks up from his phone and stares Yoongi dead in the eyes as he says, “Because he’s from the future, where apparently you’re dead.” 



Yoongi could feel the blood drain from his face as a cold settles over him. He couldn’t believe his friend just said that. As quickly as the blood drains, it comes back, rushing to turn his entire face and ears a bright, bright red. “Goddamn you, Jung Hoseok.” He curses, his eyes promising death.  



Yoongi then hears the deep chuckle of Taehyung laughing. “He’s so weird. I told him he’s not getting enough sleep. Give him the phone, hyung.”  



His hands were shaking as Hoseok passes over his phone, and for a brief moment Yoongi hesitates to turn it around. Only when he hears Taehyung calling him, does he finally get the courage.  



Taehyung is sitting back against the wood headboard of his bed. The room is dark, thanks to the blackout curtains he helped install right after Tae got the job at the museum working nights.  



“This’ll help keep the light out during the day” He said, standing on a chair as he drilled into the wall. “Trust me, they’re the same ones I use in my room.”   



He remembered that day vividly. The two of them rarely hung out, but that day they spent the entire day joking and poking fun at their friends. Eating takeout and just enjoying each other’s company. And the sight of him sitting there in his room, living and breathing, was almost enough to make him cry. But he was in public and didn’t want to draw unnecessary attention to himself.  



Hyung, you look like crap.” He says, in the same tone Hoseok used earlier. “You didn’t sleep last night did you? Maybe we should cancel our get together tonight, so you can sleep. I’ll come over in the morn-“ 



“No!” He all but yells, a couple at the table beside theirs, looks up at him. Yoongi lowers his voice and tries to keep the panic down. “I mean, no, it’s alright. I took the day off, so I’ll take a nap before coming to the museum later.” 



Are you sure you’re okay? Hobi said you thought I was dead.” The concern was written all over his face as his eyes searched Yoongi’s.  



“Hoseok is a dick. I’m fine, Taehyung-ah. Go back to sleep and I’ll see you tonight.” Yoongi smiles, hoping to alleviate some of his worry.  



“Well…” he sighs and nods his head, letting out a yawn. “Alright, hyung. See you tonight, then.” 



“Yep,” Before either of them could hang up, he calls Taehyung back, waiting a second before saying, “It’s good to see you, Tae. I’m looking forward to tonight.” 



“Me too, hyung. Night.” 



He doesn’t bother correcting Taehyung, just smiles and waves, before hanging up and tossing the phone back to Hoseok. “You’re a real pain in my ass, you know that, Seok?” 



Hoseok just smiles, “I know, but you love me anyway.” 



“Debatable…” he rolls his eyes, taking another sip of his coffee, now luke warm.  



“So, you’re really from the future then?” Hoseok asks, after a long pregnant silence.  



“I guess so.”  



“And in your time, Taehyung is dead.” 



Yoongi bites his inner cheek, nodding.  






“A distracted driver.” Yoongi sighs, setting the drink down. “He blew a red light just as Tae was crossing the intersection. Hit him going about 50mph.” As he retells the incident to his friend, Yoongi can feel his grief building. “He was pronounced dead on the scene.” 



Hoseok goes silent again, likely digesting what Yoongi’s just told him. “How long before it happens? The text said you have 24 hours, is it tomorrow?” 



“2 days from now. In my time, he’s been gone a week and we attended his funeral yesterday.” 






“Yeah.” Yoongi could really use something a lot stronger than the coffee before him. This was quickly becoming too much. 



“So, what’s the plan?” Hoseok asks, leaning forward onto the table.  



“I tell Taehyung my feelings for him tonight when we meet.” He had a chance, this was his chance to make things right again. If he squandered this chance, Yoongi wouldn’t be able to live with himself. If pouring his heart out to the boy he’s loved for years, prevents him from dying, than Yoongi would shout it from the top of Mount Everest.  



Hoseok chuckles and shakes his head. “I’ve been trying for 3 years to get you to confess to him and end your suffering. I’m not exactly thrilled that this is the catalyst that makes it happen, but I am happy that it’s going to happen.” He frowns then, reaching over to place a hand over Yoongi’s clenched fist. “Don’t hesitate this time, Yoongi. Believe in yourself and in Tae. I think his response might surprise you.” 



Yoongi goes home after that. Hoseok leaves him with a pat to the shoulder and a promise that everything would be okay, as long as he confesses. Then, he promised to kill Yoongi himself, if he didn’t and Taehyung died.  



Yoongi assured him that he would and they part ways.  



It was still early afternoon and Yoongi didn’t have anything to do, having called in. He considered looking up the proper way to confess ones love for another online, but as soon as he sat down on the couch with his laptop, he couldn’t help how his eyes crossed.  



Putting the computer aside, he spreads out on the couch, his hands tucked between his knees. Curling up to keep warm, Yoongi closes his eyes, he lets sleep take him. He was going to need it.  







When Yoongi wakes, it’s once again to the ringing of his phone. The room was pitch black, except for the light coming in from hall bathroom and his phone on the arm of the couch. He must’ve slept longer than he intended. Groaning, he sits up and grabs at his phone, not bothering to check the caller ID before answering it.  



“Yeah?” His voice was raspy with sleep.  



You didn’t set an alarm, did you?” 



“Seok?” Yoongi blinks a few times, searching for the cable box across the room. The blue digital clock reads: 8:16. “Jesus fuck, it’s already that late?” Jumping up off the couch, Yoongi rushes into the bathroom, putting Hoseok on speaker as he turns the sink on to wash his face. From the other line, he could clearly hear his friend laughing. “Not the time, Hoseok.”  



You’re running late. Aren’t you suppose to meet TaeTae soon?” 



Yoongi growls in annoyance as he hurriedly cleans himself up. “We didn’t exactly set a time to get together, Hoseok. I still have plenty of time until 3am.”  



The museum closes at 9 and Taehyung is finished with his first round by 10.”  



“I know his routine, I don’t need to be reminded. Don’t you have a date or something?” He grabs a towel and dries his face off, tossing it to the side. Picking his phone up, he takes it off speaker and brings it to his ear. “Why are you calling to bother me?” 



He could practically here the shrug in Hoseok’s voice. Jiminie is getting ready and you know how long it takes him. Beside, if I hadn’t of called, you’d still be sleeping, probably would’ve missed out on changing Taehyung’s future. Can’t risk that.” 




Yoongi stops in the doorway of his bedroom, looking out the window at the Seoul landscape. It was true, Yoongi had been so tired that he easily could’ve slept until morning. He owed Hoseok a thank you for calling when he did. If he missed this opportunity to save Tae, he’d never be able to live with himself. He must’ve been quiet for quite some time, because he could hear Hoseok calling him back. 



“Yoongi? You still there? Look, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said what I did.  



“Sorry, Seok.” He says, sighing heavily and rubbing at the back of his neck. “You’re right, I would’ve slept right through until morning, so thanks for calling. I’m going to get ready and try to make it to the flower shop on the corner before they close for the night.”  



Hoseok starts to chuckle, “Flowers, huh? Hyung, I didn’t realize you were such a romantic. 



“Shut up.” Without saying ‘goodbye’, Yoongi hangs up on Hoseok. Tossing his phone onto the bed, he turns to his closet to pick out an outfit for tonight. He didn’t want to overdress, but he also didn’t want to underdress. Taehyung was the fashion guru, Yoongi normally just bought whatever he thought would be the most comfortable, with only a few dedicated to special occasions. After staring at his clothes for several minutes, Yoongi eventually decides on a pair of black skinny jeans, and a black turtle neck.  


Just before he rushes out of his apartment, a text message has his phone dinging in his back pocket. Pulling it out, he reads the notification on the lock screen: 



[Hobi ] 

Don’t forget to brush your teeth! 

Don’t want your first kiss to be with stinky breath!  



Rolling his eyes, Yoongi places his phone back in his pocket, and quickly turns to the bathroom once more. He’s brushed his teeth once already, but doing so for a second time wouldn’t cause any harm. Better safe than sorry, right? Maybe he’ll pick up a pack of gum and tictacs at the convenience after stopping at the flower shop. With his teeth brushed and sparkling white, Yoongi glances down at his watch, his eyes widening as he runs out of the apartment. The flower shop was due to close within the next 20 minutes, and it was a 15 minute run. 








He didn’t make it to the flower shop in time and now he sat outside of the museum, his hands empty and his heart beating wildly in his chest. Yoongi didn’t know if he was going to be able to go through with this. His throat felt tight and he honest to god, felt sick to his stomach. Over and over again, he practiced how he would confess in his head. Everything sounded lame and sappy as hell.  



Groaning, Yoongi drops his head into his hands, fingers gripping the strands of his hair tightly. “How am I going to go through with this?” He all but whimpers. If the matter wasn’t so dire, Yoongi would’ve gone home running.  


His phone dings beside him. 



Looking over, he takes the device in hand, opening it to read the text from Taehyung.  


[TaeTae 21:45] 

Hey hyung! Are you still coming?  

It’s alright if you’re too tired.  

You looked really tired during that facetime earlier.   



[TaeTae 21:46] 

Actually, go ahead and stay home. 

You need your sleep more.  

We can get together for the next meter shower!  



[Yoongi 21:46] 

Tae stop 

I’m outside of the museum rn waiting 



[TaeTae 21:49] 



I’ll be out in a few minutes!  

But I mean, if you want to go home and sleep… 



[Yoongi 21:50] 

I told you I would come and so I’m here.  

I’m not going anywhere.  

When you’re ready, just come let me in.  



[TaeTae 21:58] 

I’m all done! 

Heading out now! 



Yoongi stands up, slipping his phone into his back pocket. He currently stood across the street from the museum Taehyung worked, not wanting to look suspicious while he waited for Tae to let him in. As soon as he sees the younger male unlocking the glass doors and opening them, Yoongi hurries to the other side, glancing over his shoulder before slipping through the door; Taehyung closing and locking it behind him. 



“Don’t worry, hyung, no one comes around after we’re closed.” Tae laughs lightly. Despite saying this, he still looks left and then right, before turning around to face Yoongi. “I hope you weren’t waiting too long, I know it’s getting kind of cold out there.”  



Yoongi stood completely still, looking Taehyung over. Just yesterday, Yoongi had been looking down into an open coffin at the man before him, make up covering the deathly parlor. Just yesterday, Taehyung had been dead. Yoongi attended his funeral, laid a rose in his grave as they lowered him into the ground, yet here he stood. Breathing, alive and beautiful. Before he realized what he was doing, Yoongi was closing the distance between the two of them and pulling Taehyung into a tight embrace, hugging the younger male close to his body, taking in Taehyung’s warmth, breathing deep the scent of his cologne.  



This must’ve taken Taehyung off guard, because he stiffened in Yoongi’s arms. A small moment passes, and Yoongi is about to pull away and apologize, when he feels Tae’s body relax and his arms come around the elder, hugging him back. With Taehyung’s arms wrapped around him, Yoongi felt like he could actually cry. An entire week’s gone by for him without Taehyung in it. For a whole week, Yoongi’s felt like the world would never be right again. The sound of Taehyung’s strong heart beating underneath his ear, gave him hope that he could make everything right again.  



Eventually, Yoongi lets his arms fall back down to his sides and stepped back out of Taehyung’s arms. Avoiding eye contact and turning away from the younger male, Yoongi wipes harshly at his eyes, trying to conceal the fact that maybe he had shed a few tears. Clearing his throat, he only looks at Tae when he was certain there wasn’t any evidence remaining. “We better get to the roof, before it starts. Don’t want to miss out, right?” 



“Hyung,” He was frowning, a serious look of concern in his brown eyes. “Are you sure you’re alright?” 



“I-“ Yoongi pauses, then sighs. “We can talk about it when we’re outside.” He bites down on his bottom lip nervously. In his chest, Yoongi could feel his heart beating a million miles a minute, fast enough and loud enough, that he could hear the blood rushing in his ears. “I have something that I need to talk to you about, something I need to tell you.” 



Now Taehyung looked confused, and Yoongi couldn’t help thinking about how cute the expression looked on him. He looked at Yoongi for several seconds, trying to figure out on his own what it was that he wanted to tell him, but Yoongi was a master at keeping his cool.  



Conceding defeat, Taehyung nods his head and smiles. “Alright, it must be really important and I’m not going to lie, I’m curious about what it is. Come with me, I’ve already got everything set up.” Walking past Yoongi, Taehyung leads the way.  



Following behind the younger, Yoongi once more tries to think out the best way to go about confessing him feelings. The walk was silent, and for the most part, Yoongi kept his eyes down and his hands in his pockets. Despite the how cold the museum was, he could still feel the sweat gathering in his palms, behind neck and even under his arms.  



Doubt began to creep in.  



What if he doesn’t like me back? 



What if he think’s I’m fucking insane and calls me crazy? 



He’s not even going to believe me. 



Fuck, this was a bad idea. Maybe I dreamed the whole accident up and it was just a nightmare and Tae’s alright. That unknown caller was probably just Hoseok or Jungkook fucking with me. Trying to get me to confess my feelings and make an idea out of- 



“Hyung, we’re here. Be careful and watch your step. Don’t want you accidentally walking off the side.” Taehyung’s voice interrupts his thoughts, snapping him back into reality. 



Yoongi looks around the roof, taking in the scene. There were two camping chairs, and a couple of bottles of cola, along side a few snacks that likely came out of the break room vending machine. Up here, the wind blew lightly, making the temperature colder than it was on the ground level, and a shiver runs through Yoongi. He was glad now that he decided to wear the long sleeved turtle neck.  



“What time is the shower suppose to start?” Yoongi asks as casually as he could. Despite this attempt at casual, he could hear the nervous quiver to his voice. He just hoped Taehyung couldn’t.  



“Um,” Tae pulls out his phone to check the time, the screen lighting up. “About 30 minutes.”  



Nodding, Yoongi takes a sit in one of the chairs. He wasn’t thirsty, or even hungry. Didn’t think he’d be able to eat even if he was. Taking his phone out, he unlocks it and tries surfing Twitter, trying to take his mind off what he needed to do.  



That was, until a text message pops up.  



[Unknown 22:35] 

Just wanted to remind you that you only have a couple hours left.  

Good luck!  



[Yoongi 22:35] 


I thought I had until 3am? 



[ Unknown 22:37] 

I didn’t tell you that things changed?? 

Death says he will only allow him to live if it’s before midnight ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 



[Yoongi 22:39] 

Fucking hell 



I’ll do it 



“Who’re you texting?” Taehyung asks, leaning over a bit. Nosey as usual.  



Jerking his hand back, Yoongi shoves his phone into his pocket. “No one. Don’t worry about it.” 



“Seemed pretty serious. You don’t usually respond that quickly.” 



“That’s not true!” Yoongi says offended. “I always respond.” 



Taehyung scoffs. “Jimin texted you once about going out with us for lunch, you responded two days later, and it was no.” 



Yoongi pouts, crossing his arms. “I didn’t see it. My cell service was shit. I think they were messing with the towers or something.” 



“Sure, hyung.” He says, nodding but not exactly believing Yoongi. “So, we have some time. What did you want to talk about?” 



Fuck. It was now or never.  



“Tae,” Yoongi takes a deep calming breath. Doing his best to calm his nerves, but failing miserably. He needed to get it over with, do it quickly, like pulling off a bandaid.  



Only, he found himself sitting there frozen. The words were there, on the tip of his tongue, except he couldn’t force them past his lips. His tongue felt heavy and his throat felt tight. Then suddenly, there was a hand on his, turning his palm up and threading their fingers together. Looking down, he found Tae’s hand in his, holding it tightly, offering a silent comfort.  



As he tilted his head to look over at Taehyung, Yoongi found himself basking in the comfort of the younger male. The words came easily then.  



“Taehyung, ever since that first year in college when he met, I’ve had the biggest crush on you.” Taehyung’s eyes widened briefly, but he didn’t pull his hand away, and Yoongi was thankful for that. In fact, he gripped him more tightly, looking down at the clasped hands as he continues. “Even though you were often annoying and rambunctious, I couldn’t find it in myself to dislike you, or want to be away from you. Over the years, that crush, turned into real genuine feelings. I found myself wanting to spend every moment possible with you. There was a light to you that no one else seemed to match.  



“Hoseok’s been telling me for years to man up and confess my affections for you, but every time I tried, I couldn’t do it.” His hand in Taehyung’s squeezed even tighter. So tight, that Yoongi’s knuckles were white. If his grasp was painful, Taehyung didn’t say so, instead matching Yoongi’s with his own squeeze. Remaining silent even while Yoongi tried to gather his thoughts.  



“I should have told you sooner, but I’ve been a coward. I was afraid of how you’d react and that this would completely ruin the friendship we have. No matter what, I never wanted to lose you as my friend.” But then he did. Not in the sense that Tae rejected him, but that he’d been taken from him. Yoongi lost Taehyung once already, and while this may all be some elaborate prank, he wasn’t willing to risk it.  



“Taehyung,” Yoongi finally lifts his head and locks gazes with the man across from him. Fear gripped him, doubt of what was to come, but he had to do this. “I love you. I’ve loved you for years and I can’t lose you again. Once was enough and if confessing everything I’ve felt for you is what it takes to keep you here and safe, then I’m willing to spill my guts on the floor.” 



Yoongi could feel the hot tears building and then slipping down his cheeks. He didn’t try to stop them this time, letting them run freely. “You’re beautiful and smart, funny and kinder than any human soul. I don’t deserve you, I don’t think anyone really does.” He didn’t know what else to say after that, falling into an embarrassed silence. 



“Are you done?” Taehyung asks, letting Yoongi’s hand go. He felt the sharp cold at the loss of Taehyung’s warmth.  



“Yeah,” Yoongi croaks out, his throat tight once more. “Sorry.” 



“What for?” Taehyung smiles fondly, reaching across to wipe at Yoongi’s tears drying on his cheeks. “I was starting to think that you were never going to tell me.” 



Yoongi frowns, brows pulling together in confusion. “I don’t understand.” 



“Hobi hyung,” He goes on, “He’s has a lose mouth when he’s had too much to drink. About a year ago, when he was staying the night with Jiminie, he let it slip that you were in love with me.” 



Yoongi couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Jung Hoseok, you’re going to die.” He thinks with frustration, but out loud he says, “I’m going to kill him one of these days.” 



Taehyung laughs, “Don’t, I’m actually glad that he told me.” He scoots he chair closer to Yoongi. “I um,” Tae chews at his bottom lip. “I’ve been in love with you too, for some time. Even before we officially met, and you were rapping underground.” 



He couldn’t believe what he was hearing, eyes going wide as he looked over Taehyung’s face. While it was dark and the lighting low, Yoongi could just make out the pink tint to his cheeks. “I had no idea you knew of me before we met.” 



“Oh yeah!” He exclaims, nodding his head enthusiastically. “I was a huge fan of yours! Followed you on SoundCloud and downloaded your songs. I still listen to them.” 



Yoongi felt both embarrassed and proud. It made him smile sheepishly, turning his head to the side in order to hide his own blush.  



“Back then, I fell in love with your words, but after we were introduced, I fell in love with you as a person. Your determination and passion. You’re not the cold, detached person people like to perceive you to be.” Taehyung confesses, picking at a stray strand of string on his uniform pants.  



“Why didn’t you say something after Seok told you how I felt?” 



Tae shrugs, “I wanted you to be comfortable in telling me something so personal. I was willing to wait how ever long it took, knowing that eventually you would.” 



Always so thoughtful, that was Taehyung. It brought a smile to Yoongi’s face and his heart soared. “Tae,” He says then, waiting until the younger looked back up at him. “Can I kiss you?” 



Taehyung holds Yoongi’s gaze for a moment, before giving a single nod. He was nervous, and could even feel his hands shaking, but this was a moment he’s been waiting years for. Reaching across to the younger male, Yoongi takes the back of Taehyung’s neck in his hand and pulls him close. Their lips hovering so close together Yoongi could feel Taehyung’s breath against his.  



Wetting his lips, Yoongi looks over Taehyung’s face, eyes taking in his beautiful features; the moles on the tip of his nose, at his lash line and his bottom lip. After this, Yoongi promised himself, that he would kiss each one individually. Right now, he wanted nothing more than to taste Taehyung’s lips, after years of wondering what they would taste like.  



“Yoo-“ Taehyung starts to say, but Yoongi quickly cuts him off, closing the small gap between them.  



Is it too cliché to say that there were literal sparks when their lips finally touched? Because that’s exactly what it seemed to feel like. Yoongi’s kissed others before, men and women, but nothing compared to that sensation of Taehyung’s soft, full lips against his more firm ones.  



The kiss started out chaste, a touching of lips, both men nervous and uncertain. As the seconds tick on, the two of them began to feel more comfortable and confident in themselves. With both hands, Yoongi takes a hold of both sides of Taehyung’s face, holding him as he presses their lips more firmly together, tongue sweeping out to lick along the younger’s bottom lip. Taehyung opens his mouth with a moan, giving Yoongi entrance, his tongue moving inside, seeking Taehyung’s; both exploring the others mouths. Yoongi never imagined kissing Taehyung would feel this amazing. Eventually though, they needed to pull away to breathe, taking in a breath of oxygen, before leaning back towards each other, keen on continuing where they left off.  



A static breaks the moment, and an annoyed voice comes from behind Taehyung. “Tae, where the hell are you at? We need you down here ASAP.” Yoongi glances up at Taehyung, a smirk on his lips before they both burst out laughing.  



“Guess we won’t get to watch that meteor shower after all.” Yoongi says with a chuckle, bumping noses affectionately.  



Tae smiles goofily, flashing a boxy grin as he answers the call. He looks back at Yoongi, placing the radio on his belt and standing. “I don’t want to go back to work now that I know I can kiss you like that.” 



Yoongi stands too, blushing. “What time are you off?”  



“7, just before the museum opens.” Tae once again takes the lead, moving from the roof to the access door.  



“Alright, then I’ll come pick you up right at 7.” 



“Hyung, you don’t have to! I can walk home, you know I don’t live far.” 



“I know, but I want to. Maybe you can come over to my apartment and we can talk more about…” Yoongi pauses, which makes Tae pause and looks back at him, those beautiful eyes big. “Maybe we can talk about us and where or if, we want to pursue whatever this is.” 



Taehyung smirks, “Can we kiss again?” 



Yoongi’s blush darkens, but he smiles and nods his head. “Sure, brat.” 



He pouts, the look ridiculously cute. No one should look that cute when they’re pouting. “Why am I a brat now!?” 



“You’re always a brat, TaeTae.” Yoongi grins teasingly, walking past the younger.  



“Yeah, but I’m your brat, right?”  



“Sure, if you say so.” He was teasing, but the thought of Taehyung being his anything, had the butterflies in his stomach doing somersaults. 


“Oh! Hyung, look!” Tae calls him back, excitement in his voice.  



Turning around, Yoongi rejoins Taehyung on the roof, right at the doorway, peering out and towards the sky. There a light streaks across the inky blackness, followed soon by another and another. Yoongi smiles and then looks over at Taehyung, taking in his bright smile, eyes turned up into crescent shapes.  



“It’s like a million falling stars.” He says, reaching down without even looking to intertwine their fingers together. “We can make as many wishes as we want.” Taehyung tilts his head down, beaming that blinding smile right at Yoongi. Those familiar words hitting Yoongi hard, his chest tightening.  



“One of them is bound to come true.” Yoongi finishes, squeezing Taehyung’s hand tightly, not wanting to let him go.  



“Make a wish, hyung!” 



He turns his eyes back on the sky, watching the falling pieces of rock entering the atmosphere and burning up. Yoongi couldn’t think of only one wish, and as he closed his eyes, his grip on Taehyung’s hand grew tight.  



“I wish, to have Taehyung at my side always. For him to stay happy and healthy. To grow old with him.” With his wish sent to the heavens, Yoongi opens his eyes and looks back up at Taehyung, just as he was opening his eyes as well.  



“What did you wish for?” Tae asks.  



“If I tell you, it won’t come true.” Yoongi tugs on Taehyung’s hand, pulling him down for a quick peck of the lips. “And I really want this one to come true.” 



Taehyung giggles, kissing Yoongi once more, and heading down the stairs, back into the museum. “I’ll see you at 7, right?” 



“I’ll be here right at 6:59.” He promises with a nod.  



They share a hug, and another lingering kiss, before reluctantly parting. Yoongi doesn’t go far though, opting to stick close until Taehyung’s shift ended. Right at 6:59, he pulls his car around to wait outside. They get breakfast, taking it back to Yoongi’s apartment and there they decide to see where things go. Yoongi even manages to convince Taehyung to trade his next couple shifts so that he could be off. Using the excuse that he wanted to spend as much time kissing Taehyung as he could, to make up for all the kisses they missed out on over the years.  



It works. Taehyung trading with one of his coworkers and getting off the next two days. He calls Jimin to let him know that he wouldn’t be coming home and that he and Yoongi were working things out. Hoseok had called to gloat and Yoongi promised retribution for drunkenly telling Taehyung about his feelings.  



For the next two days, Yoongi wasn’t going to let Taehyung out of his sights.  







Day of the Accident 


Two days pass pretty quickly when you’re enjoying being wrapped in a lovers arms and Yoongi was really enjoying it. He hasn’t felt this happy in a long time and falling asleep or cuddling with Taehyung was the best thing in the world.  



On the morning of the second day though, Yoongi wakes suddenly in a cold sweat, sitting up in a panic. His breathing was heavy, his eyes not entirely focused. Then it hits him all at once.  



Taehyung’s accident. Today was the day Taehyung was supposed to die. But Tae was here with him, laying beside him.  



Trying to calm himself, Yoongi reaches out, only to find the space beside him cold and empty. His head snaps to the side, confirming what his sense of touch already told him. Taehyung wasn’t there.  



Throwing the blankets off of him, Yoongi runs out of the room, uncaring that he only wore his boxers. “Tae!” He calls, only to be answered with silence. “Taehyung! God, Tae, please answer me!” 





Yoongi could feel his heart racing in his chest, blood rushing in his ears. Frantically, he comes into the living room, searching for his now boyfriend. “TAEHYUNG!” 



He comes back into the bedroom, just in time to hear his phone ding with a text message. Quickly, he grabs the small device, thinking it could be from Tae.  



[Unknown 08:26] 

Hi Yoongi! 

Me again! Fate! 



[Yoongi 08:26] 

Where’s tae?! I did what you said!  



[Unknown 08:27] 

Calm down. Taehyung is fine and will remain that way. 

I just wanted to tell you congratulations  

I’ve granted your wish and I hope you both live long happy lives!  




Just then, Yoongi hears the front door opening and closing. Dropping the phone, he runs from the bedroom, into the living and right into the arms of his best friend, his boyfriend, his love. Yoongi kisses Taehyung all over his face, hugging him in a bone crushing embrace.  



Taehyung laughs, not knowing just how scared Yoongi had been. “I was gone just a few minutes, hyung.” Giggling, he hugs Yoongi back, holding him close. “I’m not going anywhere, I promise.” 



Yoongi drags him back into the bedroom and into the bed, pulling the younger into his arms, breathing in the scent of his shampoo. “Don’t scare me like that, okay.” 




“Okay, hyung.” Tae snuggles close, placing a kiss to his chest and wrapping his arms around the smaller males torso. “Love you, Yoongles.” 



He smiles at the new nickname. Had it been anyone else, Yoongi would’ve knocked them on their asses for even whispering such a ridiculous nickname, but because it was Taehyung, and because he had his heart completely in his hands, Yoongi let him get away with it. Leaning down, he kisses the top of Tae’s head, feeling himself calming down now that he had Tae securely in his arms. “I love you too, TaeTae.” 



“Let’s go back to sleep, hyung.” Taehyung suggests. 



Yoongi smirks, letting his eyes close. “That sounds like a great idea.”