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Halted Flight

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Unbearable Pain.

Deep breaths are all he can take; breathing is all he can do. Moving seems to worsen the pain, causes the blood to rush from his cut back. Even the breathing hurts. Every inhale filled with smoke, the taste bitter and filling his mouth with soot; it black and thick like film on the back of his throat. Every exhales like a mechanism to push more tears out; more blood out.

With all the blood he's losing and all the smoke he's inhaling you'd think he'd be dead by now. But alas, an eternal life aids to his suffering.

Instead of calling out for someone who won't be there, instead of wasting the very little voice he has, instead of making an effort to get the help he needs he lays there in his self-wallowing, letting the pain soak up at him. Taking the suffering he feels he deserves.

By the time someone finds him fire has already consumed him, stricken his body with burn marks and blisters. His body blackened and sore. When the person lifts him up he screams; not being able to help the pained wail. "Leaves me alone! Get off of me! It hurts! It hurts so much..." He sobs, the soft touches feeling like hard hitting punches.

The glowing figure with what seemed to be a clear bubble to protect him from the harsh oranges gently places a honey-toned hand on his open wounds. His face is calm, still, focused on the task at hand. "It's okay, I'm going to get you out of here and back to safety."

As that the burned boy starts thrashing around, kicking his thin legs spastically. "No! No, you can't! He's out there, he'll find me. He's already hurt me enough, I'd rather burn for eternity than go out there to him." Venom is laced in the shorters quivering voice; it worrying the lurid male significantly.

"I'll protect you, nothing bad will happen to you while you're with me. I promise." And Yoongi wants to believe the mysterious male, he wants to trust him but he just can't. Can't trust blindly again. Not with what had happened to him... But he's too weak to fight. His body barely functioning by now, already shutting down.

Yoongi takes a deep breath in, another inhale of smoke that stings the back of his throat. "Okay." Through his half-lidded eyes, he sees the blonde smile softly before picking him up and into his protective bubble.

"I will keep you safe."

And Taehyung means it and always will mean it.