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"Rise above the crowds

And wade through toxic clouds

Breach the outer sphere

The edge of all our fears

Rest with you

We are counting on you

It's up to you"


For centuries there were warnings about the imminent end. But it was easy to ignore the signs, to ignore how the entire world was reaching its end day by day.

It took decades to reach that point, but when everything collapsed, it all happened in a split second.

New York was the first to fall, the Empire state was now completely disintegrated by the bombs that kept falling from the sky. Then it was Moscow, covered in black smoke and debris. The rest of europe was devastated too.

The wars that should’ve been prevented were now a reality.

The air was toxic, unbreathable. Not a single place was safe anymore.

And when the wars stopped, the uncontrollable fury of nature took over. With the level of the ocean increasing, swallowing entire islands and changing the planet’s geography. Hurricanes were constant and volcanoes were more active now.

The last survivors of planet earth boarded the spaceship one by one. This was the last mission to preserve human race.

The sobs and cries filled the spaceship as the survivors looked through the the large windows. From up there, the earth didn’t look so blue anymore, it looked grey, infertile and empty. The countries that once shone so brightly now were just void and lifeless, dark as space itself.

The cries increased as they drifted away into the vast space, staring for one last time the remains of the only home they used to know.


"You're destined for good things" someone once told him.

Yoongi wasn't sure who said that, probably his mom or grandma. He was sure it wasn’t his father because he never believed in Yoongi.

But whoever said that seemed to had a glimpse of Yoongi's future as he ended up as the Captain of one of the ships taking the last survivors out of planet earth to the Space Colony waiting for them.

The last hope of human race.

The survivors came from different backgrounds and countries. Some were teenagers, others were around their thirties, forties. Some of them managed to survived with their entire families, while others weren’t so lucky.

Like Taehyung. Yoongi remembered his name ever since the day they boarded the ship.

Kim Taehyung, from Daegu. He was the only survivor of his family. He was usually quiet and lonely. While the other survivors would be always in small groups around the ship, Taehyung was always alone, hanging all by himself around the halls and the facilities of the ship or just staring through the big windows with obvious melancholia, as if there was something else than the void outside.

And then something changed.

It started with the shy glances, he would always avert his gaze and pretend he was looking something else every time Yoongi caught him staring. But then he started to met Yoongi’s gaze more openly, smiling even. Always politely and shy before bowing his head with respect.

It did caught Yoongi by surprised when he found Taehyung standing by his door one night, blushing slightly as he nervously tugged at the sleeves of his sweater.

The suggestion was bold, straightforward and so unlikely for someone like him. But Yoongi accepted as he moved aside and let Taehyung in.

They undressed in silence, not making eye contact as they let their clothes piled on the cold floor.

Taehyung’s skin was something Yoongi haven’t seen in a while, or probably never.

The dim lights of his room didn’t do enough justice to the beauty standing naked there, with his full lips that he kept on biting anxiously as he moved to the bed, his wide eyes looking back at Yoongi as he part his legs in a silent invitation. And Yoongi was fascinated by every gesture, by how Taehyung held his breath and his thighs trembled when Yoongi let his fingers explore his warm skin.

They fuck hard and slow and for the first time in weeks Yoongi felt alive again. Here in between Taehyung’s legs, with his blunt nails dragging down Yoongi’s back as he begged for more with desperate cries of pleasure, is where Yoongi found comfort.

After that night, the gestures were more obvious, the glances prolonged and the accidental touches weren't so accidental.

The second encounter happened unexpected, when Yoongi retired to his room to rest after a really exhausting shift, not even realizing that Taehyung had followed him. Now Yoongi was laying on his bed with Taehyung's lips wrapped around his cock.

The lack of experience was obvious by the way Taehyung almost gagged as the tip of Yoongi’s dick hit the back of his throat. Yoongi wondered how many times Taehyung had done this, or if this was his first time, who was Taehyung? who was Taehyung before the end?. But the experience wasn't that necessary. It was the determination behind his frown thick eyebrows, how he adapted quickly, how he started to use his hands more and the way he hollowed his cheeks that had Yoongi arching off his back, curling his toes and whispering a warning when he felt his release creeping closer.

But Taehyung held him still as Yoongi came inside his mouth with a breathy moan. Taehyung struggled to swallow as he wiped his lips with the back of his hand, his cock was hard and heavy between his legs.

It was more than natural to return the favor, because Yoongi wanted to. Because he wanted to feel Taehyung, because he needed to.

Yoongi crawled in between Taehyung’s legs, taking his time, spreading Taehyung’s thighs, licking a long stripe from base to tip, feeling how Taehyung twitched against his tongue and how he moaned quietly when Yoongi dragged his lips over the sensitive head to taste him. Relaxing his jaw, Yoongi let Taehyung fuck into his mouth. Holding Taehyung’s thighs apart while Taehyung moved his hips in a quick and steady pace, his long fingers fisted lazily into Yoongi’s black hair, then his body went still as his release went down Yoongi’s throat.

Unconsciously, they moved into each other's arms, seeking warm, seeking shelter. A survival instinct.

"I didn't get to say goodbye" Taehyung blurted out suddenly, his voice quiet in the dark room, his breathing calm and warm against Yoongi’s chest.

And Yoongi knew exactly what he meant, and yet he asked "What?"

"My family, I didn't say goodbye" he said, heavy. As if those words were a torture to say out loud. "I really miss them"

That’s when he felt it, a single, warm tear landing on Yoongi's bare chest, followed by a  quiet sob and now Taehyung was openly crying, covering his face with his hands, "Sorry" he muttered as he tried to move away from Yoongi. But Yoongi pulled him closer, feeling how Taehyung was trembling slightly against his chest. Yoongi ran his fingers through Taehyung’s hair until he stopped shaking, until his breathing was even, until Taehyung wrapped his arms around Yoongi again to pulled him closer.

Vulnerable, disoriented, lonely, that's how Yoongi felt, too.

It was easy to lose hope up there, it was easy to feel disoriented. Going to sleep with darkness outside the windows just to wake up with more darkness, put on his uniform, make sure his crew and the survivors were ok, then go back to sleep at the end of his shift. Then repeat everything the next day.

Sometimes it hit him, the immense responsibility he was carrying on his back. And it made Yoongi feel more exhausted, made him how his sanity was starting to slip through his fingers like sand.

It was during those moments when Yoongi only found relief in Taehyung's arms, where he allow himself to feel something else.

Yoongi moaned weakly, burying his face into Taehyung's neck as Taehyung thrusted up into him, holding Yoongi by the hips. Yoongi felt desperate, feeling like he was drowning as he pulled Taehyung impossibly closer, wanting to melt into the warmth of his skin, into every breath and every touch.

Yoongi didn't realize he was crying until Taehyung stopped and was holding his face between his hands, "Hey— Hey, Yoongi, you ok?" The question a mere whisper as he found Yoongi's eyes.  A concerned look on his face.

Yoongi wanted to lie, remain in silence and ignore the question. Tonight he didn't want to talk. But it was hard to ignore the desperation, the anxiety, the fear as more tears kept running down his face, collecting where Taehyung's hands were.

A new touch made Yoongi sobbed again as Taehyung pulled him closer. Their first kiss. And It wasn't rushed or filled with desire, but soft and slow, reassuring. A delicate slide of lips.

"Should we stop?" Taehyung whispered, lips still touching.

Yoongi shook his head slowly, letting his forehead rest against  Taehyung's. "No, I'm... I'm better like this," he confessed, feeling calmer now as he ran his fingers through the slightly long hair at the back of Taehyung's neck. "I just want to feel you"

It was Yoongi who pulled him closer for another kiss, with Taehyung meeting him halfway. This time it was firm, determined. And a moan escaped from Yoongi’s lips when their tongues finally met.

And it was here, in Taehyung’s arms, that Yoongi found relief for his restless heart and loud thoughts.

They say hope is the last thing you lose. And Yoongi was starting to think that maybe that was true.

After almost six months wandering in the vast and dark space, they could finally see the Space Colony in the distance, with the others survivors waiting for them.

The last hope of human race, but a new beginning.

"Do you think this could be our new home?" Taehyung asked with that innocence that characterized him.

Only then Yoongi could see it, a vestige of hope shining behind Taehyung’s eyes. And Yoongi held onto it, because that's all he'd left, because Taehyung was all he had left.

"We will make it our home" he said, a sincere smile on his face as he held Taehyung’s hand.

Because it was there, with Taehyung by his side, that Yoongi felt safe.