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Hello and Welcome to TAEGI WEEK 2018, a week dedicated to the lovely ship that is Min Yoongi and Kim Taehyung from BTS! This event is centered around Taegi and we hope to encourage more love and fanworks for this ship as a result. Please check the rules and FAQs below or on our official twitter for more info on this year's event!

DATES: November 25th, 2018 - December 1, 2018



• What is Taegi Week ?
A week where people show their love and appreciation for Taegi! This Taegi Week has the theme an album full of diverse aus and prompts to make things more fun for everyone. People can show love show love and appreciation for Taegi by posting various contents ranging from fic to art to au ideas and more...

• How do we participate in Taegi Week ?
There’s no sign-up for the event! All you have to do is create content or tweet about Taegi with either of the following tags “taegiweek18” and “TG18Day___” (ex. TG18Day1) according to the day you are participating in.

• Where do we post ?
The event’s main platform is twitter but you can post on any website (tumblr, ao3, aff, etc.) Just make sure to drop the link to us via twitter or our curiouscat, or tweet about the link using the hashtags so we can help you promote your content.
We created a collection on ao3 for all the writers using this platform, you can post your works in the collection with the proper tags and we will accepted them.

• Can we post in a different language ?
Yes, of course! While it would be great if everyone could post in English, we understand that others may not feel comfortable doing so. In that case, you’re free to post in any language as long you tag your stuff.



1. No reposts/theft/stealing anyone’s work: this will be reported
2. Use tag “taegiweek18” and for corresponding day you are posting, ex. TG18Day1
3. Content may include: fanfics in that case, and of course moodboards, playlists, photos, videos, edits/gifs or fanarts to the fic
4. Prompts are simply prompts and are just meant to be used as guidelines for your ideas — you have free reign over how you want to interpret them !
5. Please tag your works accordingly (triggers, NSFW, etc.)
6. No ship hate!! You may include multiple ships/side pairings but please make sure TAEGI is ENDGAME.
7. Be kind to everyone, leave comments and kudos to the writers which is always appreciate by them if you like their works! This is supposed to be a fun week where we celebrate our love for taegi and their love for each other!