The Comprehensive Collection of Rigel Black Chronicles Recursive Fic

A collection for bookmarking all recursive fanfiction of the Rigel Black Chronicles.

Please let me know if any fics are missing or tags need to be updated. This includes any works from the forums or tumblr that you would like individually linked.

The bookmarker's tags that RigelBlackArchivist uses are: Meta, Forum, Podfic, Translation, FFN, Tumblr, Flash Fic, Medium Length, Long, Art, Fic with Art, Poetry, Animatic, Animation, Rev Arc, Non-Fic.
See the collection profile for a full description of these tags.

To see other relevant works, please visit the remaining bookmarks under RigelBlackArchivist. If you're looking for everything without the "Inspired by RBC" tag, look here.

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