RelationShipping 2017

This is the collection for the RelationShipping Exchange 2017.

(Open, Unmoderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

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Sat 02 Sep 2017 11:59PM UTC
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RelationShipping is a gift exchange for incest ships. Participants match on at least one fandom, one ship, and one medium (fanart or fanfiction).

This is not a friendship exchange! All works must contain a romantic/sexual element involving a requested incest ship.

The exchange takes place through AO3. Participants will need an AO3 account.

You can find the Dreamwidth community here.




  • The 2020 tagset will be available here.
  • Each participant may nominate up to 5 fandoms with up to 10 relationships in each.
  • Any fandom of any size is eligible for nomination.
  • The following qualifies as incest for this exchange: blood relations; adopted family; characters who consider one another family; selfcest. Relation by marriage is not eligible in its own right.
  • Selfcest: Any character with canon alternate versions of themselves, who has been split into two or more separate parts (but who were originally one character) or who has canonical clones/duplicates, is eligible to be nominated for selfcest. Versions of the same character from distinct time periods are allowed for selfcest ships.
  • RPF: Non-famous family members are not eligible. Under-18s are not eligible for modern RPF.
  • Threesomes/moresomes: Ships containing any number of characters may be nominated, provided two or more characters involved are a) related, and b) requested to have a romantic and/or sexual interest in each other.
  • Crossovers: Crossover fandoms are eligible in the case of:
    • a) cross-fandom selfcest, e.g. Steve Rogers (MCU)/Steve Rogers (Marvel 616), and
    • b) related characters who appear in separate canons, e.g. Vincent Vega (Pulp Fiction)/Vic Vega (Reservoir Dogs)
    These should be nominated under 'Crossover Fandom' with the fandom name for each character in brackets as shown above.
  • Original Works: Original ships must be nominated in the format 'Character Type - Relationship/Character Type - Relationship' e.g. 'Werewolf Brother/Vampire Sister' or 'Supervillain Father/Superhero Son/Sidekick Non-Relative. If they are not nominated in this way, they will be rejected.


  • 2020 signups will be here.
  • You can request 3-10 fandoms with 1-10 ships and a choice of fiction, art, or either.
  • You can offer 3-10 fandoms with 1-10 ships and a choice of fiction, art, or either.
  • If no offers match your requests, your requests will go out as pinch hits.
  • If no requests match your offers, the mod will contact you to see if there is anything else you can offer. If you do not reply within 24 hours or there is nothing else you can offer, your signup will be deleted.
  • Dear Creator letters may be linked to in your signup. These are optional.
  • Please include anything you absolutely don't want to receive (Do Not Wants) in the Optional Details field in your AO3 signup. In the event that a DNW is included in your gift, only reasonable DNWs in your signup will be enforced. (Please bear in mind that DNWs cannot be used to box your creator into producing a very specific work.) If you list incest as a DNW, please note that your signup will be deleted.


  • Assignments are only guaranteed to match on one fandom, one ship and one medium.
  • Minimum requirements are 500 words or a piece of fanart at the 'nice sketch' stage. Art should be original work created entirely by you; icons, manips, etc. cannot fulfil art requests.
  • Your assignment must focus on a requested pairing, avoiding any Do Not Wants listed in your recipient's signup, and must include a romantic and/or sexual relationship of some kind. This is not a friendship exchange. This means your assignment should contain some kind of romance, longing, kissing, non-platonic love, and/or sex, which involves incest.
  • Please do not discuss your assignment in public; creators should remain anonymous until after creator reveals. Do, however, feel free to discuss with a beta reader.
  • If your assignment does not match the fandoms/ships you offered, contact the mod as soon as possible. It will not be possible to change assignments for any other reason.


  • To post your fic/art on AO3: navigate to your AO3 dashboard, click on 'Assignments', find your RelationShipping assignment and click 'Fulfill'.
  • Works containing excessive spelling or grammar errors will not be accepted.
  • Due to the collection's anonymous period, do not post your work elsewhere before creator reveals.
  • You can edit your work after posting it, but your gift must be complete enough to stand as is by the deadline.
  • Saved drafts do not fulfill assignments. Please ensure that you post your gift!


  • If you cannot finish your gift, please default. No extensions will be offered.
  • To default: navigate to your AO3 dashboard, click 'Assignments', locate your RelationShipping assignment and click 'Default'.
  • If you default and your creator also defaults, you will not be assigned a pinch hitter.
  • There is no penalty for defaulting before the deadline unless you receive a gift and do not comment on it. See below re comments.
  • If you have not posted a gift by the deadline, the mod will default you. You will need to post a full gift for any request in the exchange (excluding your own) before you will be permitted to participate in any further rounds.

Pinch hits:

  • Pinch hits will be posted to the Dreamwidth community.
  • Please reply to the pinch hit post to claim; if you are successful, the mod will contact you and officially assign the pinch hit to you through AO3.
  • You can claim a pinch hit even if you aren't signed up for the exchange, but you will need an AO3 account.


  • You can write/draw additional gifts for other participants and post them to the exchange collection as treats.
  • To do this, navigate to the collection and click 'Post to Collection'. You will need to manually add the name of your intended recipient.
  • Treats do not have to fulfill the minimum word count.
  • You are welcome to write treats even if you aren't signed up for the exchange.
  • Treats will not become main gifts for this exchange.


  • Participants are expected to comment on the gift(s) created for them. Non-commenters will be banned from any future rounds of this exchange.
  • If you default, you are still expected to comment on any gift(s) created for you.
  • If your creator does not follow the rules, you are not obliged to comment. However, if this is the case, please contact the mod as soon as possible.