Regulus Black Fest 2020

Regulus Arcturus Black

A fest centered around Regulus Arcturus Black.

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About Regulus Black Fest 2020 (Regulus_Black_Fest_2020)

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The Regulus Fest is a prompt-based fest, for both artists and writers. We welcome any rating and any (or no) pairing, as long as Regulus is the centre of the story or image.

For further information and Updates see our Tumblr or this Google Doc.

We're looking forward to a great fest!



For this year, the schedule is as follows:




Prompting will be open from Friday, the 17th, until Sunday, the 26th of January. Anyone can provide up to three prompts - you can prompt without writing or painting, and you can claim without having submitted a prompt!

We will publish the Prompt-list on the 28th. You can also self-prompt.

Claiming starts on the 31st of January.

Each prompt can be claimed once for art, and once for fic. Claiming is on a first come, first served basis.

You can claim one prompt - if you finish it before the deadline, you’re welcome to claim another one - claiming will stay open.

You can do collabs, but then you have to pick one prompt together.

All works are due on the 27th of March, 11.59 pm UTC - so, 8 weeks!

Posting will start on the 10th of April with one or two works per day. Authors and Artists will stay anonymous until every work is posted.

There will be a Discord Server for all participants!




Stories must be at least 500 words. There is no maximum wordcount.

Each Story must be complete. You can not submit a WIP. It also can’t be part of an ongoing series - if you want to continue your story in the future, that’s up to you, but for the fest there needs to be a proper ending.

We advise you to get a beta, but it’s not mandatory. If you don’t know where to find a beta, you can ask us and we will try to set you up with someone!

Art can be any form or medium, but should be equivalent to at least 500 words. Artwork files should be at least 640x480 pixels, and scans of physical artworks should be clean and clear.

Gifsets must be at least 8 gifs that tie together to tell some kind of story.
Moodboards must be at least 5 images and follow a theme and/or narrative.
Fanvids must be at least 1 minute long and tell some kind of story.

All works must be posted to the AO3-Collection we will send you. The collection will be moderated, and the works released by us. If you don’t know how to do this, feel free to ask us.

Works will be anonymous, and the authors/artists revealed after every work is posted, to give everyone an equal chance at recognition. This means that we ask you to keep your prompt a secret!

All works must be properly tagged and rated. Please add additional tags if your content might be triggering for people.