Reel Schitt's Creek Prompt Fest


A prompt fest (not an exchange) for Schitt's Creek fanworks inspired by films. All movie inspiration and pairings, canon compliant prompts, and AU prompts welcome. Open to all types of ao3-supported fanworks.

Fanworks released daily at 9 AM EST beginning May 16 through May 20. Creators revealed May 25, 9 AM EST.

(Closed, Moderated, Unrevealed, Prompt Meme Challenge)

About Reel Schitt's Creek Prompt Fest (Reel_Schitts_Creek)

Active since:
Assignments Due:
Fri 15 May 2020 11:59PM EDT
Works Revealed:
Sat 16 May 2020 09:00AM EDT
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Is "You make me feel right," the most beautiful thing you've ever heard outside of the Downton Abbey Christmas Special? Is The Devil Wears Prada your go-to role play material? Has your repetitive rewatching of Notting Hill become less than helpful for your relationship? Do you think The Lake House is the correct Sandra Bullock vehicle? Would you rather watch Panic Room than do an escape room with your son-in-law? Have you thrown a surprise Casablanca-themed party? Would you drop everything to go to a Julia Stiles-a-thon at the drive-in?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or even if you didn't, come create prompts, claim prompts (or both), and have fun! All movie inspiration and pairings welcome.

This is a closed, moderated, prompt meme challenge.



Can I prompt a TV show or other type of media?
This fest is limited to films only. However! You could prompt a made-for-tv movie (Hallmark?!) or a film within a film (i.e. Logjammin' from The Big Lebowski).

How do I make a prompt?
To make prompts, click on “Prompt Form” from the menu on the left. Each prompt must include the name of the movie you want to prompt fanwork for. Make sure to include your casting choices for pairings if that’s important to you, but understand writers may take some liberties. You can modify your prompts up until the prompt period closes.

You will need an ao3 username to create (and claim) prompts.

Who can claim my prompt?
Anyone with an ao3 username can claim prompts and more than one person can claim your prompt.

How do I claim a prompt?
After April 3, to claim a prompt, click on “Prompts” from the menu on the left. You’ll see all the prompts everyone has submitted! Just click “Claim” next to the one (or ones) you want to claim.

Technically, as soon as a prompt is posted, anyone can immediately claim it. We’re asking people not to claim prompts until April 3 so that prompters can go back and change or delete prompts if they wish. This is on the honor system.

But! Please feel free to start writing/recording/vidding/drawing/etc. before April 3. Just be aware the prompt may be edited or deleted. And hey, you can always make your own and claim it if that happens. We won’t tell.

What if I claim a prompt by accident, or change my mind after I’ve claimed it?
No problem! Life is crazy and unpredictable! This is for fun! Just go back to the prompt and click “Drop Claim” to release your claim on the prompt. This will really help others who may be wary about claiming a prompt that is already claimed.

What if I claim a prompt, but I end up not being able to finish the fanwork?
Please do your best to only claim prompts you have a serious intention to finish in time for reveals. But if it doesn’t work out? That’s okay! Life is crazy and unpredictable! This is for fun! This isn’t a gift exchange so no one is counting on your story. Keep in mind that others may not be as likely to claim a prompt that’s already claimed. And please make sure to go back to the prompt and click “Drop Claim” to take your name off of it as a courtesy to others.

We will not be adding fanworks to the collection once the works are revealed. Please do post your work on your own once you finish it!

If I claim a prompt, does that mean no one else can?
Prompts can be claimed by more than one person. They won’t disappear if you claim them. That also means there’s no rush, so you can play with an idea for a while before you claim it to avoid committing if you’re not sure. The challenge is anonymous until creators are revealed May 25, so no one will know who has claimed and dropped a prompt.

Can I claim more than one prompt?
Of course! Please remember we are asking you to only claim prompts you seriously intend on finishing.

How do I post my fanwork once it’s done?
Once you’re finished, go back to the prompt you claimed and click on “Fulfill.” This will take you to a Post New Work ao3 page with the collection information and prompt already filled in.

What if the fanwork I end up making doesn’t quite fit the prompt?
The great thing about a prompt fest is that while you’re filling someone’s prompt, you’re not making it as a gift to them. So deviating slightly from the prompt is less of an issue. The goal is to be inspired to make new things, and whatever you’ve made is probably wonderful. However, if you have significantly deviated from the prompt, please indicate that in the notes or tags so the original prompter, and anyone reading the prompt, knows to expect a different direction. Also see the Adherence to Prompts section of the rules. 

When can I post my fanwork?
Anytime after April 3, you can start posting fanworks. They will be invisible to everyone else until the week of May 16, when everyone can see your amazing creation. They will remain anonymous for several days (depending on posting date). But you can continue to claim and post more fanworks even if you have already posted the first one, up until May 15 at 11:59 PM EST when the collection is posted. You can also claim several right away and work on them simultaneously. Do what works for you.

Do I need an ao3 account to post works?
Yes! It takes a few days to get an account once you request one, so make sure to do that well before the posting deadline.

Why aren’t you releasing all the fanworks at once?
Depending on participation, dropping a lot of new fanworks on a single day can be overwhelming. Staggering allows each of the works to get a little time at the top of the feed and be enjoyed before the next batch lands. This also makes it easier for people to enjoy longer stories.

How are you deciding which fanworks will be released when?
We will take the finished works and sort them by date submitted and then by word count, with a goal of releasing about the same word count each day. Some days this might be one or two fanworks, other days it might be several more. There is no consideration of author/creator, theme, movie genre, etc. in determining posting dates.

ALSO - full disclosure, the staggered posting may not work. In which case we will release them all at once and this was a fun exercise in gaining humility.

Do I have to write an AU (Alternate Universe) or mash-up using the movie?
Nope. Your work should be inspired by a film or films in the prompt, but you can also write a canon-compliant fic that's about the movie (Characters on a date? Role-play? Character cross-over? You decide!). If a prompter specifically requests an AU, please do take that into consideration and make sure you state it in the tags/notes if you went a different route. 

Do I have to recreate the entire movie if I write an AU?
Nope. Life is crazy and unpredictable! This is for fun! Again, take the prompt into consideration, but if you’re really just interested in one scene, great! Please make sure you state it in the tags and notes that it is not an AU of the entire film.



Key Dates:
Prompts submitted: March 27 at noon to April 10 at noon
Claiming prompts and and submitting work: April 3 at noon to May 15 at 11:59 PM EST (all fanworks must be completed and submitted by this time)
Fanworks released: Fanworks released daily at 9 AM EST beginning May 16 through May 20*
*If we can’t get ao3 to do this, all fanworks will be released May 16; please see the FAQ for more on staggered posting
Creators revealed: May 25, 9 AM EST

Leave as many prompts as you like.
You do not have to claim a prompt to leave a prompt.
Claim as many prompts as you like (you can also unclaim a prompt).
Multiple creators can claim the same prompt.
All works should be completed. You will have up to six weeks to complete your fanwork, 2000 words min for fics, 1000 words min for podfic.
Posting will be staggered with a few fics released every day for 5 days.
Works will be anonymous until May 25.
Works do not have to be full-movie AUs. See the FAQ and more detailed rules for more.

Prompting, Claiming, Adherence to Prompts, and Submitting Work
Please see the FAQ on claiming and unclaiming prompts and submitting works.

Try to keep prompts simple and limited to films, with pairings optional. Example:
Prompt: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Pairing: David/Stevie
If you want to include a scene or aspect of the movie you’re most interested in with the prompt, that’s great! Creators are not required to adhere to that scene or aspect.

Please keep in mind this is not an exchange. Creators should attempt to adhere to your prompt but may take it in another direction. If you are a creator and are deviating from the original prompt in a significant way, please indicate that in the tags or notes to your fanwork.

Feel free to contact a mod with questions. 87% of the time our answer will probably be “The world is crazy right now! Do whatever makes you happy!”

Size and Type of Fanworks
All types of ao3-supported fanworks are welcome! Fics! Podfic! Vid! Art! Graphics! Other types at your discretion. Please contact a mod if you’re not sure.

Written fanworks should be at least 2000 words. Podfics should be of fics that are at least 1000 words.

Art should be completed (really whatever that means to you)

Vids can be whatever length you want.

Works can range from an entire movie mash-up/AU to a canon-compliant, film-inspired scene. Let’s have fun!