- Hermione-centric stories (Notice how male-dominated HP books are? Yeah, I don't need it in the fanfics, too.)
- Magic is Might (Are you a witch or not?)
- Shades of Grey (The world is not a chessboard, all black&white, no matter what Dumbles thinks.)
- Ron/Molly/Dumbledore Bashing; not always but generally...
- Redeemable House of Slytherin (house of cunning and ambition should not be ever house of lowly mindless servants)
- Marauders have their flaws (on the level of pre-HBP Draco) but Lily is just a ****.
- HG//LV|TMR; HG//SS, HG//DM, HG//LM and some other minor ones... Never Ron though...

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