Outlander Bingo Challenge

This is the collection of works for the Outlander Bingo Challenge. All works are fan-created to celebrate the amazing Outlander book series, STARZ TV show series, and Lord John Grey series.

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This is the collection of works for the Outlander Bingo Challenge. All works are fan-created to celebrate the amazing Outlander book series, STARZ TV show series, and Lord John Grey series. Please enjoy the fine fan-art, fanfiction, poetry, and other submissions below. Find us at https://outlanderbingo.tumblr.com.



So you think you might want to join the Outlander Bingo Card Challenge? Here are a few of the commonly asked questions to help you decide:


1) What in Christ’s name is the Outlander Bingo Card Challenge?!

Well we’re verra glad you asked! The bingo card challenge is a new fan-created challenge to promote Outlander and encourage fan-created content for the fandom to enjoy! This is a hate-free challenge that accepts fans of all persuasions! There will be absolutely zero kink-shaming, ship-shaming, or participant-shaming allowed. (You may shame the moderators, but only if they fall down on their duties). EVERYONE WHO SIGNS UP AGREES THAT THEY WILL EXERCISE THEIR FREE WILL AND PUT ON THEIR GROWN-UP UNDERGARMENTS OF CHOICE TO CHOOSE NOT TO READ THINGS THEY FIND DISTASTEFUL.

2) Who moderates the Outlander Bingo Challenge?

Hi there, I’m Levi! I’m a single, 30-something nerd of epic proportions! I hail from the SPN fandom (among others) and have modeled this challenge after some I’ve been in over there. I fully believe in fandom equality and I love Outlander! I was sad to see how little fandom created content there was so I set up this challenge to fix that. A few things to note about me: I do not tolerate bullshit, asshattery, or hate. If you’ve got a problem with someone shipping something you’re not in to? You need to grow up. Put on your big person undergarments of choice, and figure out how to exercise that big beautiful brain to choose not to read things that will upset you. This is a challenge for all fans, from all persuasions. I hope this challenge can prove to unite all fans in the quest for more content. I won’t tolerate hate in any form (bigotry, misogyny, misandry, general hate toward people/pairings/participants/content, or any other stupidity. Keep your politics to yourself. I will ban and remove people for disregarding these rules.

MistressPandora has come aboard as our second Moderator!

3) What can I create to complete a bingo square?

You may create stories, videos, art, or mixed media to fulfill a prompt on your card. You may customize your card (more on that below) to make sure it works for you, RPS is NOT allowed. No rules apply beyond the under 18 = sfw only rule. I don’t police peoples’ content.

Normal bingo rules apply, complete a line (horizontal, vertical, the four outer corners, diagonal line, or a blackout) to win!

4) What do I win?

Well, ye win our praise and adoration o’ course! We’ll also create a list of Honorable Lairds and Ladies to celebrate those who win.

5) What is a blackout?

A Blackout is when you complete each and every prompt on your bingo card, thus blacking out all the squares. For those wee beasties who overachieve at all they do! we’ll have a special place of honor for them.

6) Okay but Life is hard right now, do I have deadlines?

NO! Due to popular demand, the Bingo has been extended indefinitely. Participants may write at their own speed and leisure and once they have completed a bingo/blackout, may request a new card at anytime!

7) What if I’ve finished my card and I want to do another card? Do I have to blackout a card to get a new one?

Nay o’ course not! The only requirements to get a new card is that you complete a bingo. If you chose to use a pre-made card, you will have to take it as-is, if you’re creating a custom card, you will be choosing your own prompts to fill! You may request a new card whenever ye’ve finished a bingo or blackout on your previous card.

8) I’ve written a fic or completed artwork for the bingo card, now what?

Post it to tumblr and use the hashtag OutlanderBingo and tag us at @outlanderbingo so we can reblog it and boost it to the world! If you’re completing the work and posting it to AO3, there is a Outlander Bingo collection that you should submit your work to. Make sure to include which square you’re filling in the tags so we can find it!

9) I only ship Jamie/Claire, Jamie/John, Roger/Brianna… or I don’t ship ANY of these… can I still compete?

Of course ye can! We will have randomly generated cards that may include any of the pairings for Outlander and the Lord John Grey series (YES, ANY OF THEM). When you sign up you will click one of the options found in the CARDS page or select the custom card option to keep your card more in your own wheelhouse.

10) How do I customize my card?

Once you’ve filled out the google sign-up and included your email address, you can select the card you picked from the randomized pre-made list or request a custom. If you request a custom you’ll be sent an email with instructions and your card will be emailed to you. If you’re under 18 you’re welcome to participate but you will not be able to sign up for the adult content. We don’t make the laws, but while they exist, we have to follow them.

Ready to go? Sign up here: https://outlanderbingo.tumblr.com



1) Any kinks/ratings are permissible, as are all AUs, Rule 63s, and any interpretations of sexual orientations/gender identities. NO RPF/RPS ALLOWED. Please tag ships/kinks/ratings appropriately.

2) You must create a separate fill for each square - no doubling up!

3) Each card is 5x5 square (no free space).

4) Minimum word count for fanfiction is 300. There is no maximum.

5) If you are creating Fanart, Graphics, Gifsets, or Picspams that are explicit, please host them on another site and link to them, following Tumblr’s anti-P*rn guidelines.

6) When posting, you must tag us (@outlanderbingo) and include the tag #outlanderbingo within the first five tags, as well as your ship.

7) You may combine fills for this bingo with other challenges/bingos.

8) Participants must be 18+ for any mature content. Any underage participants will be kicked from the current round and banned from the blog/future rounds if they violate this rule.

9) Be courteous to your other participants - badmouthing and ship shaming will not be tolerated.