Stories to Make You Feel Things ™

A collection of stories from all types of fandoms that made me feel things™. These stories have either made me cry, smile or completely change my outlook on the characters involved. Whatever is posted within here has my personal seal of approval, and my encouragement as a must read.

Or: A collection of stories written so well that it will make you sob, laugh aloud or have your heart clench like I did when I first read them.

These are the diamonds in the roughs. The stories that I have found so well done and well written that it creates a genuine feeling from me, whether it's actual tears or a genuine smile. The criteria of this collection is that the story must be well-written, well-portrayed and in-character with a new story to affect the reader. Some of these stories are fun to read, some are hard to read, but everything in this collection is an absolute gem that I feel obligated to share.

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