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Welcome, welcome! We're excited to introduce you to the Lucas Fic Fest!

This a prompting & claiming fest. This means that the mods will be collecting prompts through a Google form, then we'll set up a prompt archive and allow writers to claim prompts using (yet another) Google form!

Follow us on Twitter to keep updated @lucasficfest :) feel free to DM us send a cc message (lucasficfest) or e-mail us ( if you have any questions! ♡

for more detailed information about this fest, check out our pinned on Twitter and the guidelines link!



1. Main characters must include Lucas! He does not need to be involved in a pairing–such as someone else's love story from Lucas' point of view. It's entirely up to you, it just has to centre around Lucas in some way.
2. Minimum word count is approx. 1250 words
3. This fest follows KST!
4. Commit seriously to this fest and follow the deadlines so that the fest can run smoothly for the mods and the writers!
5. Prompts that violate the terms listed in our guidelines will not be accepted.
6. If you want to join as a writer but you don't have an ao3 account, contact us so we can help you get involved.
7. Romantic relationships not your style? Don't worry! We're 1000% here for poly fics and/or platonic relationships.
8. We will not tolerate shipping wars, inappropriate behaviour or insults towards anyone involved in the fest.

- remember to have fun!