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The Upper Hand

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Peggy watches Dottie with unexpected interest as she struggles in her ropes, trying - in vain, a circumstance she's clearly not expected - to loosen their hold on her.

The chair she's tied to doesn't even move, nor do any of her restraints, and Peggy knows they won't. She and Daniel had made the knots themselves; he was the only agent she truly trusted to be consistently competent, and she doesn't doubt the sufficiency of their binding.

Having not wanted to actually choke her, however, the gag in Dottie's mouth is still loose enough for her to make some noise, and eventually Peggy's curiosity gets the better of her.

"Well? Spit it out."

"This isn't a fight you can win, Agent Carter."

"Is that so, Miss Underwood?"

"I have more extensive training than any of you at the SSR," Dottie declares; then, for good measure: "and I'll have you know I'm far less easy to seduce than your colleagues."

Peggy chuckles, leaning forward to be at Dottie's eye level rather than looking down at her.

"You know, the way I remember it, you kissed me," she says, her words hot breath immediately in front of Dottie's face.

"You're not a danger to me, Dottie," she moans, waiting for Dottie's breath to hitch then promptly moving away again.

Dottie grits her teeth, and Peggy grins.