Iorek's Catradora Unputdownables

The stories that grabbed me by the hand and whispered, "stay."

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About Iorek's Catradora Unputdownables (I_C_U)

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Hi! Welcome to this collection of the best of the best Catradora stories!

Please check the bookmarked items for stories that have been "invited" to the collection, but not yet approved by their authors.

If you want to find me, my name is Ri, and I'm on twitter and Instagram @IorekoftheHorde



How does a story get added to this collection?

— By being amazing.

Can I suggest stories to be added, or make recommendations?

— Absolutely! I'm only one person, and there's tons of amazing fics out there I haven't read. Feel free to add any of your favourites by typing I_C_U into the [add to collections] box at the bottom of a fic's chapter and I will see it and read it and quite possibly approve it!

Can I suggest my own fic to be added?

— Of course! Being confident in your writing is nothing to be ashamed of.



1. Fics included are those that focus on Catradora, as in the title.

2. Other relationships are fine, just none that are outside of the canon pairings, unless it *works*.

3. There is no criteria in terms of length for a fic to be added.

4. All ratings welcome.