Harry/Louis Holidays

It's that time of year again (where did the year go, right?) and it's always fun to celebrate the holiday season with a fic exchange. Write a Harry/Louis fic and receive one in return!

(Closed, Moderated, Unrevealed, Anonymous, Gift Exchange Challenge)

About Harry/Louis Holidays (HL_Holidays)

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Wed 25 Dec 2013 12:10PM AWST
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Sun 05 Jan 2014 12:10AM AWST
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Sun 05 Jan 2014 12:00AM AWST
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If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a fic exchange, a quick explanation: those who sign up here will be matched with other participants. Each person will have to create a gift based on their giftee’s sign up post, and in return they will get a gift. Gifts are due by 25/12. Posting is moderated, so I will open up submissions a few days before that and approve them at regular intervals up until New Year, depending how many sign ups we end up getting. All posting will initially be anonymous, for a bit of extra fun, and the authors will be revealed on the 5th of Jan.



If you need to contact me for any reason please send me a message on LJ, tumblr or email me



In order to receive a gift you must write one! If at any point you need to pull out, let me know as soon as possible so that your giftee can be reassigned and still receive a gift.
Please write a minimum of 1000 words for your gift. There is no maximum, but remember that the fic needs to be finished on time.
Submissions must be betaed. This means getting someone to read over your work and point out any typos and grammar or formatting issues at minimum. If you can't find a beta, let me know no more than 5 days before the due date and we'll sort something out.