Quick Someone Get A Defibrillator To Start My Heart Up Again

Fanfictions from multiple fandoms that are so fluff, so wholesome, that there goes my heart bursting with pureness.

Read "Bookmarked Items" for all the works that qualify for this collection.

Please read "Introduction" and "FAQ" for more information about the fics collected and listed here.

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About Quick Someone Get A Defibrillator To Start My Heart Up Again (FluffForTheHeart)

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This is a collection of fics from multiple fandoms that are incredibly fluffy. Whether it may canon divergent or an alternate universe, reading them may have some effects on you.

Your heart will go out. You'll need a defibrillator to start your heart up again.

And you don't know how to continue. You'll question if recovery is even a possibility.

Have fun :')



What's the difference between "Bookmarked Items" and "Works"?


I was definitely confused about this, but I have figured it out. You see, fics on Ao3 have a setting where the author gets to decide if their work gets to automatically be in a collection when someone submits it. Some authors, for whatever reason, decide to disable this feature so they get a notification when someone submits their work in a collection. They can either accept or decline for their fic to officially be a "work" for that collection.

However, people can also bookmark a work into a collection (As "Bookmarker's Collections"), authors are not able to control Bookmarker's Collections, which is okay because it isn't official, meaning that it won't appear in the actual fic. That's why checking "Bookmarked Items" in a collection really is the best way to see all of the works that apply.



Will some ships be included in the following works?




Yes. Depending on the story and author, some fics may include some ships. However, the following works are completely chosen because of their overwhelming fluff. As always, heed tags and warnings before reading a fic.


What types of AUs are going to be in these fics?


It all depends on the fic, the only real requirement is the fluff factor. Works may range from a Soulmate AU to a College/University AU.



What fandom are these fics from?



This collection is multifandom, meaning, there are fics from different fandoms.



Are all of these works completed?



No. While it is encouraged and favorable for these works to be completed, abandoned or on-hiatus fics can be listed here. Make sure to check on the updated status.



What should I expect?



Besides from the fluff, you should expect some, depending on the fic, angst. However, you and you alone get to chose what type of fics you consume. Tags and warnings are there for a reason, use them. If you see a fic you don't like for whatever reason, scroll down or use the exit button. Don't complain.



1. No PWP (Porn Without Plot).




This is a collection entirely focused on fics with "soul-breaking" fluff. It is completely okay if a fic has some smut in it, however, the fic should not entirely revolve around that.



2. Completed works are not obligatory, but encouraged.



No one likes coming into a fic that is abandoned. It is okay to add that fic if it's fluff, but try and aim for the completed works.



3. For people only reading these collected fics and not adding to this collection: READ THE TAGS AND WARNINGS.



It should be common sense at this point, however, I am not here to reprimand you. Ao3 includes tags, ratings, and warnings for a reason, use them. You alone choose what you will read. See something that you don't like? Scroll away or click the back button. Do not insult the author of those fics for the (free) content they make.