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The Food Truck Adventure

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“McGee was right. You do eat a lot,” Abby observes, but Ellie can’t take offense, considering the smile on her face. She supposes that either Abby doesn’t really say anything offensive, or she's just too cute for anybody to actually get offended - Ellie wouldn’t be surprised.

However, she is surprised when Abby’s face seems to falls when she sees Ellie’s robust falafel sandwich.

“What?” she asks in between bites, realizing right away that she really should have finished chewing first. Alas, too late to be acting like a real adult right now.

“Do you not like falafel?”

“No, I -" Abby begins, but cuts herself off, distractedly twirling her lacy parasol.

“Oh,” Ellie sighs in realization, “Israeli food.”

“I mean, nothing like…she could make at home, but…” Abby trails off, trying to smile at the recently inducted agent.

“Agent David, you mean? Did she cook for you often?”

“Bishop…I appreciate your enthusiasm, but even I don’t really want to talk about it, let alone while I'm in a mob waiting their turns at food trucks."

“Understood,” Ellie nods. “Can I... get you something? I think Captain Cookie and the Milk Man is at the end of the block.”

Abby’s smile becomes characteristically genuine.

“Good idea. And then, we can talk about you.

“Okay. Deal.”

Ellie reaches out to amicably shake on it, but Abby giggles.

“You spend too much time with the boys, Bishop. Now, come on.”

Abby wraps an arm around her, and they maneuver down the sidewalk.