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(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear

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“I kind of have a thing for chaos,” she’d said. Perhaps that had been an understatement. Or an overstatement. Either way, becoming a fugitive of the law with her roommate-and-maybe-lover wasn’t exactly what Angela had meant when she’d said chaos.

First time for everything.

“I swear to God, if I see you taking that gun out one more time,” she growls at Brennan’s Army friend.

“I’m sorry, did someone forget to mention that we’re running from a murderer?” he snaps back at her, and Brennan steps into the middle of the motel room to interrupt them.

“You’re not actually on the run, Booth. No one’s after you, you’re free to go, if you feel so unsafe as to need your gun on your person at all times.”

Though the look he then sends at Brennan is almost a glare, he seems to be weighing his options.

“No. You need someone who can protect you.”

“Angela and I are perfectly capable of -" Brennan snaps with sharp offense.

“Not if the people you think did this actually did. Someone comes after you, you need someone with military experience. I’m not going anywhere, Bones.”

Brennan gives no reply, although her hands do go to her hips and she takes a deep breath before she turns her head towards the bed that Angela’s laid down on.

“And Angela, if you -"

“Not a chance, sweetie.”

“No one’s after you, either. The last thing I need is someone else I care about getting caught up in this,” Brennan says, her voice weakening even as she tries to be assertive.

“I’m already caught up in this, Brennan. And the first thing you need is to be with people who care. Who care about you, about your well-being, about your innocence. And no, I don’t doubt that Major Martial Law over there could shoot someone’s balls off if they came after you, but I can spit with deadly accuracy.”

Brennan’s expression lightens, the slightest flush of pink coming into her cheeks. She doesn’t respond for a moment; a series of quick glances towards Army boy tell Angela that Booth is curious, and almost…amused, at the situation, even with some of his anxiety lingering.

“That…may come in handy,” Brennan eventually says, and Angela has the feeling she’s not talking about self-defense.