Let There Be Femslash

"Is it about lesbians?
Can I make it about lesbians?"

Femslashers, particularly those of the LJ community femslashagenda, should feel free to archive any of their femslash works here, as well as to recommend others' works by sharing them here.

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1. Play nice, play by the obvious guidelines. No slash, no het. (It's okay if those pairings exist in the works, but they shouldn't be the main pairing unless the same number of femslash pairings are accorded roughly the same level of attention and importance in the work. No Cas/Dean works where Anna and Jo are together for the Hell of it and their relationship gets mentioned twice in the whole work, or het "oh shucks I'm so happy I'm not calling myself gay anymore" pieces, etc.)

2. If the authors/posters of the work(s) you're archiving here haven't put proper warnings on their works or didn't tag something you think might be triggering, you should probably make a note of that.

I'm working by the Honor Code, okay? I'm not gonna get suspicious and check every single work someone else puts here.