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1x04 Raising Hell - Missing moments.

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“Okay. Pretty boy, get your team ready.” Magnus demanded, staring at Clary as he waved his hands at Alec and Jace. Jace looked at Alec, rolling his eyes and sighing deeply.

Quickly walking forward Jace replied, “You know what to do.”

Before he could walk past Magnus, he was stopped by the warlock. “I’m not talking to you.” Magnus slowly pushed Jace back to where he was standing. “I’m talking to you,” Magnus smirked, pointing a finger at Alec who looked dazed, a small smile appearing on his face. Jace looked at the warlock in shock, as he slowly turned to face Alec who was grinning at Magnus. Alec quickly noticed that Jace was looking at him and dropped his expression, leaving him looking emotionless as he frowned and shrugged at his parabatai. “Come with me,” Magnus demanded at Clary as they walked away into another room.

Alec saw his sister, Isabelle smirking at him from across the room. Ignoring her, he glanced over at Jace who was still staring at him. “W-what?” Alec stuttered. His chest felt heavy as his heartbeat quickened.

“Pretty boy, huh? Magnus Bane seems to be pretty interested in you.” Jace remarked, staring at his parabatai. Alec had small beads of sweat appear on his forehead and his breathing became heavier than it was only moments earlier.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, Jace. He’s like that with everyone. Look, he even gave Izzy the necklace. He was flirting with her.” Alec mumbled, trying to steer the conversation about Magnus away from him.

Izzy let out a small chuckle as she walked over to her brothers. “He was not flirting with me,” Izzy smirked.

“He clearly was, Iz. He whispered something to you and you were giggling like you do when you talk about Meliorn.” Alec rolled his eyes, his voice strong.

Jace chuckled at his comment while Isabelle glared at Alec. “Oh please.” She rolled her eyes. “If you must know, he was asking me a question about… someone.” She smirked at Alec, avoiding Jace’s questioning look. “I didn’t realize you were paying so much attention to us, Alec.”

Alec’s eyes widened. “I-I wasn’t. I was just observing what was right in front of us.”

“Okay, big bro.” Isabelle walked over to Alec, gently patting him on the arm.

“Shadowhunter!” Magnus called from the other room. The three Lightwoods looked at each other, wondering who Magnus was calling for.

“I’ll go,” Jace spoke, leaving Isabelle and Alec behind.

Isabelle watched Jace walk into the room where Magnus and Clary stood, slowly turning to face Alec. “Magnus was asking about you if you didn’t get my hint.” She whispered to her brother.

Alec blushed slightly, and an involuntary smile appeared on his face. Isabelle smiled at him and squeezed his arm. “Maybe you should get to know him?”

Alec looked down at his sister, his face showing a deep frown. “What? N-no, I… I don’t know what you are talking about, Iz. Just leave it, okay?”

Isabelle felt sadness creep over her body. “Alec…”

“Isabelle! Stop.” Alec hissed. “Just stop.” Quickly, Alec walked away from his sister and sat on the red couch. Will this mission ever end? Alec wondered to himself as he heard footsteps enter the living room from behind him.

“Chase is just getting Clary prepared and then one memory demon, here we come.” Magnus purred to the Lightwood siblings as he entered the room.

Isabelle giggled. “Magnus, his name is not Chase, it’s Jace.”

Magnus raised an eyebrow. “That’s what I said?”

                                                                                                     - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - -- - - -- - - - --

Magnus gathered the Lightwoods and walked them to where Clary has drawn the pentagram. “Jocelyn was right, your artistry is beyond compare.”

Clary stood up, “I don’t know about that” she sighed.

Magnus waved his hand at her. “Oh, the only other person I’ve known who could draw as well was Michelangelo, who was excellent in bed, I might add.” Magnus raised an eyebrow and tilted his head in Alec’s direction, curious about his reaction.

Isabelle chuckled, staring at Magnus in disbelief. Jace looked at Magnus in shock as he saw him staring straight at Alec. What is with this guy and his obsession with my parabatai? Jace thought. Quickly turning his head, he looked at Alec who looked just as confused as the rest of them. Alec quickly shrugged his shoulders, giving his parabatai the ‘I have no idea what this guy is on’ look.

Magnus breathed heavily. “Okay, we’re ready. Everyone take your rightful place on the pentagram.” Magnus watched Jace show Clary where to stand and he continued. “We need to initiate a bond. Once this bond is sealed, it cannot be broken until the demon retreats. No matter what happens, we must not let go of each other’s hands.” Magnus looked over at Isabelle, who was watching him carefully. Slowly, he turned to look at Alec as he reached his right hand over to him. Isabelle watched closely at the interaction. She knew Magnus was interested in her brother, but Alec was so hard to read at times, especially in his state of repression. Alec glanced at Magnus, looking him up and down before cautiously reaching out to take his hand. As soon as their hands touched, it felt electric- like a spark had ignited between them. Alec stared at Magnus, his face soft. He felt it too. Alec thought. Realising he was staring at Magnus longer than a normal person would stare, he diverted his eyes; looking at him, Isabelle, Clary, and Jace. It felt like all eyes were on him. Quickly, Alec held out a hand to Jace, to continue to process.  

Everything was going well until Magnus explained the demon wanted a memory of the person they loved the most. The demon started with Isabelle, slowly making its way around the group. Alec could feel his heart beating through his chest. Jace is next, I wond- Alec’s thoughts were interrupted by the demon pulling his memory from him. No, no! Alec screamed internally. The memory was of Jace. Alec looked over at his parabatai. Disgust, that is all Alec saw. “No, it’s not true! The demon deceived me!” Alec shouted looking at Isabelle and Jace. Magnus stared intensely at Alec and yelled, “do not break the bond!”

Isabelle stared at her brother, her heart beating fast. She always knew about Alec’s feelings but to be exposed like this in front of everyone? Her heart felt broken for him. “Alec, it’s okay!” She called to her brother. Alec stared at Isabelle, tears formed in his eyes. “No!” he belted out, letting go of Jace’s and Magnus’ hands.

“Alec!” Jace belted as Magnus screamed out, “No!” The demon was loose and powerful, angrily pushing everyone back aggressively.

                                                                                                     - - - - - - - -  - -- - - - - - - - - - - - -- - 

Clary had killed the memory demon. Her memories lost forever. Jace was free of the demon’s attack but now lay on the floor unconscious. Isabelle and Alec quickly ran to his side. Clary quickly following. “Jace… Jace, oh my god, Jace get up!” they all trembled. Isabelle looked over at Alec, his face full of worry and guilt. She noticed he was refusing to touch him, to try and shake his parabatai awake. Instead, Alec just hovered over him, avoiding any physical contact.

Clary looked up at Magnus in distress, “is he going to be all right?” she gulped.

Magnus played with the cuffs on his shirt. “I don’t know. Does he normally just lay like that without moving?” Clary glared at Magnus.

Minutes passed and Jace was still not moving. Alec stammered, “Jace, get up.” He sounded like he was begging now. Jace suddenly began to gasp and cough which made Alec jump back, quickly standing up on his feet and backing away to the wall behind him.

Breathing heavily, Jace weakly replied, “I’m all right. I’m all right” as he clutched onto his side.

Quickly, Alec left the room without anyone noticing; at least he thought he did. Magnus watched as Alec left the room, hands up defensively, his face pale and full of shame. Magnus raised an eyebrow as he followed him out the room, leaving Isabelle and Clary to deal with the Wayland boy. Isabelle watched as Magnus left, her gaze following him as she saw him walking over to Alec. 

Alec stood in the hallway, staring blankly at the floor. Magnus walked up to him slowly, and whispered: “there’s nothing to be ashamed of, Alec.”

Without lifting his gaze, Alec responded coldly, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Magnus continued to stare at Alec’s hazel eyes, processing what he has said. “You will.” He replied, confidentially as he walked away into his living room. Alec feels defeated. He spent his whole life hiding who he was and then this girl comes along, brainwashes Jace into finding her mother and next thing he knows, Alec’s entire world is falling apart around him. Will Jace still want to be my parabatai after this? He must hate me. Alec thought, tears threatening to spill from his eyes at any second. His thoughts are interrupted by the sound of Isabelle walking into the hallway and placing a hand gently on his shoulder.

“Alec…” she whispered sadly.

Alec looks at his sister, her eyes sad. He places a hand on top of hers and suddenly drops it again before turning away, leaving his sister alone in the hallway. Isabelle watched as Alec walked down the hallway towards the front door, slowly backing himself into the nearest corner. She could see he mind was going into overdrive. Slowly, Isabelle made her way back into the living room where she found Magnus sitting on the armrest of his couch. “Magnus, hey. Thanks for your help today.” Her mouth forming a half-smile.

Magnus looked up at her, he was holding a drink in one hand and slowly traced the rim of the glass with his finger. “I can’t say I did much, the demon is dead and Clary’s memories are lost forever.” He chuckled darkly.

Isabelle frowned, “it’s not your fault, Magnus. You can’t blame yourself that the memories are lost now, it was just an unfortunate situation. No one is at blame, we will figure out another way to find her mother.”

His jaw tightened slightly. “I guess you are right. Isabelle… I need to ask. Is Alec okay?”

Her expression dulled. “Honestly? I don’t know. Look Magnus, my brother… he’s complicated. Alec doesn’t let people get close to him, he’s a very closed off person.” Isabelle sighed deeply and continued, “to be honest with you, I don’t think I’ve seen him smile once since Clary showed up… but then he met you.” Her mouth slowly curved into a smile.

Magnus glanced up at Isabelle, closely observing her. “Isabelle, that’s sweet but I don’t think even I, the magnificent and very stylish Magnus Bane has that effect on your brooding brother.” He winked.

She rolled her eyes. “You do and you know it, otherwise why were you flirting with him all day?”

He pressed his lips together, squinting at her. “Well, if you must know, I seem to like pretty things, your brother is one of those things that caught my eye.” Magnus reached up to play with the ear cuff he was wearing.

“Uh-huh, interesting. You know, I told him to get to know you a bit better…”

Magnus’ whole face lit up. “Did you now? Now, that is interesting.”

Isabelle chuckled, “I’m not going to lie, he got a bit defensive at the suggestion but I still think you should keep trying with him.”

“I will. I’ll also cut down on the flirting, at least in public.” Magnus winked at Isabelle, who was smirking back at him. “I understand he’s probably feeling really lost and confused right now, I won’t rush him or make him uncomfortable. I promise you, Isabelle.”

Her eyes welled up slightly, “I just want my brother to be happy, he deserves that much. He does so much for us and he will never admit it but he’s miserable at the moment and Jace is too far up his own ass to realize that his brother needs him.”

Magnus gave Isabelle a half-smile, he could see how much Isabelle cared for her brother and his happiness. “You’re a kind woman, Isabelle. You should all head back to the Institute now though, it’s been a long emotional day for everyone.”

“We will, thanks for having us pesky Shadowhunters for so long.” Isabelle laughed.

“Well you did help my people, it’s the least I can do.” Magnus rolled his eyes dramatically before standing up and walking towards his bedroom.

“Magnus, wait!” Isabelle shouted.

He turned around quickly and raised an eyebrow. “Missed my company already?”

She winked at Magnus. “Oh, you wish. I just forgot to give you something.” She handed over a small piece of paper.

His brows drew together, “and what is this exactly?”

“Alec’s number. Use it, okay?” Isabelle smirked as she turned away from Magnus. Her long dark hair bouncing as she walked.

Magnus’ face lit up. “Don’t worry about that, young Shadowhunter. You know I will!” he purred.